Famitsu's Most Wanted: Issue 1213 - Gematsu
Famitsu’s Most Wanted: Issue 1213
posted on 03.01.12 at 08:13 PM EST by (@salromano)
No. 1: Persona 4: The Golden.

It’s happened again. After being dethroned by Dragon’s Dogma two weeks back only to return to position one last week, Dragon Quest X has been once again knocked down. But this time, it’s a PlayStation Vita game – Persona 4: The Golden.

Also notable this week, Resident Evil 6 has joined the top five at number 3. Rune Factory 4 is picking up steam, moving from position 28 to 17. And now that One Piece: Kaizoku Musou is available to the masses, don’t expect to see it, anymore!

Get the full list below. The second number is last week’s position.

01/03. [PSV] Persona 4: The Golden (Atlus) – 1039 votes
02/02. [PS3] Dragon’s Dogma (Capcom) – 1010 votes
03/06. [PS3] Resident Evil 6 (Capcom) – 983 votes
04/01. [Wii] Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online (Square Enix) – 879 votes
05/05. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 (Capcom) – 875 votes
06/07. [PSP] Shining Blade (Konami) – 570 votes
07/14. [3DS] Fire Emblem: Awakening (Nintendo) – 558 votes
08/08. [3DS] Animal Crossing 3DS (Nintendo) – 541 votes
09/11. [3DS] Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai (Sega) – 459 votes
10/10. [PSP] 2nd Super Robot Wars Z Hakai Volume (Namco Bandai) – 421 votes
11/13. [3DS] Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (Square Enix) – 391 votes
12/19. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D (Square Enix) – 387 votes
13/12. [PS3] Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Square Enix) – 316 votes
14/18. [3DS] Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo) – 294 votes
15/20. [3DS] Fantasy Life (Level-5) – 270 votes
16/16. [PS3] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Konami) – 264 votes
17/28. [3DS] Rune Factory 4 (Marcelous) – 260 votes
18/09. [PS3] Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Capcom) – 252 votes
19/24. [PSP] God Eater 2 (Namco Bandai) – 235 votes
20/—. [NDS] Pokemon + Nobunga’s Ambition (Tecmo Koei) – 223 votes
21/22. [PS3] The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers (NIS) – 220 votes
22/17. [PS3] Toki to Towa (Namco Bandai) – 214 votes
23/23. [PS3] 2nd Super Robot Wars OG (Namco Bandai) – 201 votes
24/26. [PS3] Persona 4 Arena (Atlus) – 199 votes
25/15. [PS3] The Last Remnant – 198 votes
26/21. [PS3] The Last Guardian (SCEJ) – 191 votes
27/25. [PSP] Yakuza: Black Panther 2 (Sega) – 189 votes
28/27. [PS3] Lollipop Chainsaw (Kadokawa Games) – 182 votes
29/30. [PS3] Street Fighter X Tekken – 159 votes
30/—. [PSV] Surge Concerto: Ciel no Surge (Gust) – 140 votes

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  • AdamBoy64

    Versus XIII continues to fall down the charts.
    Perhaps people are just getting sick of waiting.

    • Sal Romano

      @AdamBoy64: It’s gone up and down, if I recall correctly.

      • AdamBoy64

        @Sal Romano: Ah, I see. I’ve only observed the last couple of weeks where it’s dropped a spot each week.

    • FinalFantasy_fangirl


      The one I noticed thats slipping is The Last Guardian probably because recent events.

    • FaithlessMr

      I know I am.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    I wonder when P4 Golden will release here.

    • Sal Romano

      @FinalFantasy_fangirl: I hope Atlus pulls a Persona 4 Arena and gets it out within the same time frame in both North America and Japan.

  • I hope Sony puts pressure on developers to make games on the Vita. Resident Evil and Monster Hunter would help make huge sales and Resident Evil on the Vita would be incredible. I hope the 9th is going to have something mind blowing or at least surprising.

  • Zero

    Go Persona 4!

    I think the closer to an actual release date, the higher up the list Versus and The Last Guardian will be.

    I wonder if both games have been on this list since the first announcement? That would be pretty impressive! 5 years or so on the list? That would have to be a record or something haha.

    • Sal Romano

      @Zero: I would assume so. Persona 4: The Golden was actually dated in last week’s issue of Famitsu, so it’s more than likely why it shot up like it did.

  • Akira_Tenshi

    The Last Remnant lol when will they accept the fact it will never release on PS3.

  • talesoffan

    Hope no one takes offense at this but I hope Dragon Quest X bombs. Was really looking forward to a nice traditional Dragon Quest, not some mmoprg.