Toki to Towa debut Fami-shots - Gematsu
Toki to Towa debut Fami-shots
posted on 01.18.12 at 10:38 AM EST by (@salromano)
Direct-feed shots of "the world’s first HD animation RPG."

Famitsu went live with its online preview of Toki to Towa today, first announced and detailed in this week’s issue of its magazine. With the preview comes the first direct-feed look at the title’s in-game and anime cutscenes.

Get the shots below.

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  • Sal Romano

    My god.

  • Aldridge517

    I think I’ll be following this in the future.

  • Damn, the in-game screenshot look really good. It looks as good as Tales of Graces f.

    Man, I really wish that this will be released in English and for PS3…

    • Sal Romano

      @Chaos Raiden: As good? The game [graphics] looks way better than ToGf.

      Not saying that ToGf is a bad game – it will probably be amazing – but considering it’s an HD port from a Wii game, it doesn’t really compare, visually.

  • chinglee

    Love the 2D character design/graphics implemented into 3D environment :3
    It works really well.

    It’s really not that impressive from Tales of graces graphics technically but how they melded together 2D art with the 3D environments so perfectly, it makes it look a lot more pretty :3
    In terms of blurring the line between anime and video games, I’m much more impressed with Cyberconnect2’s Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series and Level 5’s Ni No Kuni.

    Hopefully it hold up in the animation end as well, retaining that good combination of 2D character/monster art with 3D environments and in doing so hopefully not looking out of place together :D

  • RyoonZ

    Wow , the first picture is amazing if it wasn’t a cutscene but real-time in the town. I love everything it shows for now. I hope that Japan dev will make more something like this and hopefully it get localized.

    • Sal Romano

      @RyoonZ: The first image gives me a Dahngrest vibe:

      • chinglee

        @Sal Romano:
        And I thought I was the only one getting that vibe from the image ^^(mostly because of the similar colour palette and house’s looking the same style)

        Although, it doesn’t look as industrial as Dahangrest :3

  • anime10121

    Praying that Namco wont hold this game hostage like they did the Tales of series (i.e. not letting anyone but them publish the game in the west), Nis, Atlus, and many others tried to get us Tales games a couple years ago but were denied:(

  • Genesis

    This game is gorgeous! I will be keeping my eye on this

  • My god! This game looks gorgeous! I honestly thought I was looking at all anime screenshots. Will definitely follow this game, hoping it gets localized.

  • Blaz

    Lemme just go out and say it(iow: let me be the jackass)

    Scamco will never port this.

    • Sal Romano

      @Blaz: Don’t be the jackass. ;-)

      Ar Tonelico Qoga was published by Namco Bandai in Japan, but NIS America brought it the North America and Europe. Considering this isn’t a Namco Bandai flagship IP (like Tales), I’d say the odds of a company like NIS, Aksys, Atlus, or Xseed bringing it over are pretty high.

  • FaithlessMr

    It looks amazing, seriously. Better than I ever expected.

  • Jackle

    Woa. That’s really incredible.

  • richard

    This is NEW, and totally different to what Namco did with the “Tales of” games.

    People need to learn the difference between Cel-shaded 3D graphics (All “Tales of” games since Symphonia, TLoZ: Wind Waker) and 2D animation in 3D enviroments (Vanillaware games).

    I hope it will be like a HD Legend of Mana (PSX). That would be awesome.

  • DjangoRaijin

    OMG Persona 5 has its damn work cut out for it. This shit looks to damn good to be real

  • rewpbertt

    Alright lets not jump all over how Namco is horrible for “probably not releasing this in the US” that’s just so silly
    They haven’t even released the game in Japan yet. So calm it down please seriously give them a break and appreciate this amazing looking game.

    Holy god this games visuals, when I saw that they were melding 2D and 3D together I was not excited, just personally.
    These screenshots are…wow, it looks so fluid O_O
    Thanks for the updates I will be keeping my eyes open for this game for sure.

  • vertical09

    Wow, i thought i saw the limit of anime style games with the latest naruto game, but this just blew me away. If this doesnt get brought out then itll be my first import.

  • Sal Romano

    Not exaggerating or joking or anything, but I must’ve looked at these screenshots like 80 times yesterday. And maybe 12 times since I woke up today.

  • Sal Romano

    What with the site down over the weekend, I hadn’t had a chance to look at these again in a couple days.

    *looks for 432nd time*

    Still looks amazing.