Toki to Towa detailed in Famitsu
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The themes are "love" and "time."

New details on Famitsu’s Toki to Towa reveal, or Time and Eternity, have come out of a [email protected] summary post.

As detailed earlier, the game is and RPG published by Namco Bandai and in development at Imageepoch in collaboration with animation studio Satelight. Taiwanese illustrator Vofan is designing the characters, and legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro is doing the score.

The game is set in the Kamuza Kingdom, a nation formed through the marriage of a prince – the player character – and princess – a girl named Toki. They live in a castle town that floats just above the water.

The prince, whose name is set by the player, is 18 years old and voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga (Jude Mathis in Tales of Xillia). Though he’s married, he’s still yet to have his first kiss. Toki, who can wield magic, is 16 years old and voiced by Kana Hanazawa (Mayuri Shīna in Steins;Gate). She has a blue pet dragon named Drake who always stays at her side.

The game is the “the world’s first HD animation RPG,” according to a blurb in the mag. Throughout the field and in battle, the game uses hand-drawn 2D animation for the characters and enemies, and 3D for the backgrounds.

In addition to story and graphics details, the article includes comments from some of the game’s key staff.

Kay Hirono, the game’s producer at Namco Bandai, told Famitsu the game has been in development for over two years. He promises a completely new RPG.

Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage revealed that in order to get Toki to Towa working on PlayStation 3, they went through much trial and error. He originally planned the project long ago, with a desire to show 2D anime running on a game system.

Vofan revealed the two themes of Toki to Towa are “love” and “time.”

Yuzo Koshiro complimented Vofan’s character designs and the game’s background art. Vofan’s designs are what initially drew him to the project.

Toki to Towa is currently 45 percent complete. It’s slated for release in Japan sometime this year.

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  • FaithlessMr

    I’m interested in this, I won’t lie. Can’t wait to see it in action!

  • Mousse Effect

    Thanks imageepoch! That’s really the kind of RPGs this generation has lacked so far : moe games !

  • DGM09

    Faris escaped from Steins;Gate to be on this, huh.