Sony denies full PS3-to-Vita Remote Play
posted on 12.02.11 at 01:17 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Developers need to implement it via API, says SCEJ.

Last week, a Eurogamer source claimed all PlayStation 3 games would be playable on PlayStation Vita, using the Remote Play function, through an upcoming PlayStation 3 firmware update. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today denied that claim.

An Impress Watch interview with Sony Computer Entertainment senior VP Yoshio Matsumoto and Division 2 Software Development boss Muneki Shimada states the murmurs are simply not accurate.

“That information is mistaken,” said Matsumoto. “The compatibility is achieved on the side of the PS3 game, just like normal.”

Shimada agreed, and added that in order to remotely play a PlayStation 3 game on PlayStation Vita, developers would have to implement it via API.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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  • Red-X

    Can anyone translate “The compatibility is achieved on the side of the PS3 game, just like normal.” for me?
    Because I don’t quite get what he said.

    • @Red-X: As far as I am aware, it means that the ability to play PS3 games on the vita depends on the PS3 game at hand, not the system (ie, the Vita). Therefore, in order to make the game playable on vita, developers must put in an API (Application programming interface). So, a PS3 game without the API would not work on the Vita.

      • Red-X

        Thank you!! ^^

  • rockman29

    Well of course not, some of the PS3 games need the entire system’s power to play. It’s not necessarily to do with how good a game looks or how much is on screen, but just how it’s running on the system. There’s no way they can just come up with an extra SPU or two out of nowhere.

  • captainhowdy


  • BShornock

    Hence why some games are being re-released on the Vita.

    Marvel vs Capcom 3, Hustle Kings, and Dungeon Hunter Alliance are the first three games.

    From videos I’ve seen, Remote playing PS1 games works.

    Killzone does work for remote play, and I will assume all Sony games will work. Dark Souls would be awesome but let’s not forget that Dark Souls, Skyrim, and many other top end RPG’s use both all 4 shoulder buttons. Unless they can dedicate a spot on the touchpad for that, or do like Smackdown vs Raw and remap buttons that use R2/L2, no can do.

    The Vita could do very well if the right games are created. Call of Duty(And remaking it JUST like the PS3 version) would get 2 million console sales alone, being able to play Team Deathmatch games while on a lunch break would easily be doable. Same could be said with Skyrim. I really bet some games will not be remote playable so people are forced to double dip in order to play portably.

    Arkham City(And a remake of Arkham Asylum) would also do very well. Dragon Age Origins/2 are good choices, so would White Knight Chronicles, Final Fantasy X/XI/XII/XIII, Mortal Kombat, Killzone, Battlefield, GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Saints Row, Mass Effect. Hell, if they released a physical copy of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, most people could get rid of their PSP’s finally, as I believe this is the only popular game not to be digitally released.

  • rockman29

    The only way it works is if the PS3 has enough horsepower left in it after rendering the game world and logic to stream to the Vita AND the feature is implemented.

    Don’t expect many games, even SCE-made games, to be compatible with this new feature.

    Notice how Killzone 3 was released recently and was very likely designed in a way that left room on the PS3 hardware to be able to stream to the Vita.

    I’ll hope for more games in the future, and especially with the release of PS4 to have many or most games work with the feature. I would LOVE if Sony left aside processing power for every game on the PS4 to work with this feature. That could be an incredibly differential and selling point of the system, especially with broadband getting faster and faster… well we could be playing Remote Play over the internet at some point with Vita. Now if that was implemented… by golly…

    Don’t hope for too much right now though. You’re not going to be able to play every SCE game right away using Remote Play.