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Rumor: Vita to play PS3 games via Remote Play
posted on 11.24.11 at 11:01 AM EST by (@salromano)
Source claims games to run at PSP resolution.

Sony will release a PlayStation 3 firmware update enabling PlayStation Vita Remote Play across all games, according to a Eurogamer source.

The games will be playabe at PSP’s 480×272 resolution, upscaled to fit Vita’s 960×544 resolution.

Future games will allow developers to include a Vita specific 480p mode, said the site.

At the Tokyo Game Show in September, Sony showcased Killzone 3, streamed from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation Vita via Remote Play. The missing DualShock buttons were mapped to the touch screen.

When contacted, Sony declined to comment.

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  • zakou

    480p? what is this 998? seriously wtf?

    Oh and before ppl go mad and thumb me down, dont worry im still getting it for amazing games it offers.

    But lets face it 480p? if you still think this is good then you lie to yourself kkthnxbb.

    • rockman29

      @zakou: Did you… I dunno… check that 720x480p is not really that much lower resolution than 960×540?

      The thing is streaming gameplay from the PS3. Latency should be the biggest issue here, not the minor reduction in screen resolution.

      If this is true, you’ll be playing PS3 games on 5′ screen, remember? The highest resolution the 3DS can display isn’t even equivalent to 480p, and I personally I don’t even think that’s a problem for 3DS.

  • why would you need more then 480p if you’re going to be playing it on the vitas screen?

  • NCloud

    I think 480p is good enough for a portable console like Vita. Some PS2 games like God of War, FFX, Shadow of the Colossus still look awesome in 480p.

  • Lust Envy

    Hope you all realize it’s not 480p, but more like 272p. 480p is 720×480, this is 480×272. 480p looks great natively (as in not on hd sets which upscale). 272p looks… good, but not great. However, if it has ps3’s fidelity, and doesn’t look like how remote play looks like on PSP (terrible), this should be solid.