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PlayStation 3 VGAs exclusive teased in screenshots
posted on 12.07.11 at 11:03 PM EST by (@salromano)
More teases. Still no answers.

The ‘Last Of Us’ website – the teaser site for the Video Game Awards’ major PlayStation 3 exclusive reveal – was updated with a teaser screenshot today. Changing the file name of that screenshot, which is “TLOU_image_2,” by removing the 2 an replacing a 1 reveals a second screenshot. We’ve attached both below.

The reveal happens this Saturday, December 10 at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. According to Geoff Keighley, it’ll be “mind-blowing.”

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  • Genesis

    Not much but exciting! The images look sooo real…I am loving the engine already…Please don’t be a FPS!! lol

    • Kougeru

      @Genesis: I agree the second image looks great. The first image is plauged with low quality textures…but what console game isn’t? Can’t complain I guess. Definitely looks exciting. I hope it’s NOT an fps…we have enough fps zombie games….and honestly enough third person ones too. i dont know what they could really do to make it “unbelievable”

      • Genesis

        @Kougeru: Lol indeed. Saturday isn’t too far away so let’s hope that it’s juicy :D

  • RedWolfe

    The article in the top screen says “millions more are feared to be dead or infected


  • punkmike

    I’m sorta with you guys on the first person shooter thing. I wouldn’t mind if the game was played from a first person perspective like in BioSchock or Thief but I am a little worried about it being another generic shooter.

  • hush404

    Im with the rest of you… I dont need another generic zombie shooter. The screens looks delicious though.

  • erico316ecw

    dead nation 2 but a full retail release this time around the trailer remind me of part 1 opening movie . plus the jungle area of the dlc look like the screen shot

  • It’s the first game for PS4 (noooot)

  • Noctionus

    Actually you can find the forest screenshot in PS blog.