Keighley: VGAs PS3 exclusive is "mind-blowing" - Gematsu
Keighley: VGAs PS3 exclusive is “mind-blowing”
posted on 12.06.11 at 08:04 PM EST by (@salromano)
Words like "major" and "amazing" also used.

Spike TV and GameTrailers have put out a new teaser clip of Sony’s PlayStation 3 exclusive Video Game Awards reveal. In it, Geoff Keighley teases a “massive” and “mind-blowing” announcement.

“This year, we’ve been teasing something pretty major,” says Keighley in the clip. “We’ve been working with Sony on a massive announcement that no one is going to see coming.

“I’m shocked every day that none of this has leaked out, but we’ve got something absolutely mind-blowing that we’re going to unveil from Sony at the VGAs.

“You’re going to see a trailer at the VGAs – not a teaser – you’re going to meet the characters, see the world – it’s all done in the game engine, and it comes from an absolutely amazing developer.”

Watch the clip below.

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  • New God Of War game? Or a new game from Santa Monica Studio? Makes me really curious!!!

  • narutomaki

    FFVII remake!? I can dream…


      @narutomaki: I hope it’s Final Fantasy 7 remake, if not, then there is no game existing that is “mind blowing and shocking” to hype this surprise up this much.

    • rockman29

      @narutomaki: He said from a good developer 8)

  • Kougeru

    Is this not “The Last Of Us”? Or is that just a tag line for the game? I mean, if it’s a completely new series..of course no one saw it’s new lol. If it’s a reborn franchise or something..then they’re being far too vague for any real clue to be given. Though I doubt I’d be surprised if it was an already existing IP..

    • Sal Romano

      @Kougeru: It is the ‘Last of Us’ game, though Sony’s never confirmed it to be the title. ‘Last of Us’ could just be the name of the game’s viral campaign, which we saw kick off the other day.

      As far as no one seeing it coming — if it’s a new IP, you’re right, obviously, but he could be talking about the idea of the game, its approach or method of gameplay, etc.

      • Kougeru

        @Sal Romano: If it’s a new approach, method of gameplay, or completely new genre…That would be freakin amazing if done right. I really hope whatever it is it DOES surprise me in a good way because a lot of things are just hyped too much lately and end up disappointing people, not just in gaming. Or maybe I’m just becoming a grumpy old fart at the age of 22..I remember back in the late 90s and early 00’s nearly every big game excited me so much I had trouble sleeping, and thinking properly for the entire school week until I was able to play a game during the weekends. Everything just felt so fresh back then

  • Sal Romano

    We should take bets on the developer. I’m calling Media Molecule. Second guess is Santa Monica. Third is Naughty Dog.

    • Kougeru

      @Sal Romano: I’m hoping BioWare for some reason despite me finding their games overrated (just barely) lately. Valve is my second guess from a gut feeling. The website is hosted on Washington…though that could have little to do with anything but there are a lot of devs there


      @Sal Romano: Question: Do you know if it is japanese rpg related? He said, “you’re going to meet the characters, see the world-it’s all done in the game engine” makes me think of square enix’s games and there crystal engine.

      • Kougeru

        @GAMEMASTER: Actually now that you point that out…that reminds me of Kojima’s new engine we saw a glimps of at E3. Holy crap…if this is a new Kojima game….I WOULD be surprised. That’s my third dev guess …in very heavy hopes and dreams.

      • Sal Romano

        @GAMEMASTER: I have no idea. Though, I couldn’t imagine a Japanese RPG being revealed at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.

        I’m surprised enough Metal Gear Solid: Rising is making an appearance. Go ahead and look at the show’s game lineup (reveals) for the past two years and this year. Rising is the only Japanese game you’ll see.

  • zakou

    He said: “you’re going to meet the characters, see the world ”

    Is it just me or this sounds like a final fantasy game? FF game among all games ever made are always known for their “worlds” and unique “characters”

    • Sal Romano

      @zakou: Technically, just about every game has characters and a world. He’s most likely speaking generally. Or so I think.

      Pro-tip: when you’re replying to someone’s post, it’s best to hit the reply button, so that the person your replying to is notified. ;-)

  • Genesis

    I am super excited and interested! So it seems that the game will revolve around Cordyceps…It was listed in the tags on youtube and my oh my…It’s a very disturbing fungi that alters the behaviors of living things into a zombie like state and then kills it. Then the fungi begins to grow through the living organism. It was cool yet so gross lol

  • hush404

    About time the damn show rolls around, i’ve been hearing about it forever. I question how “massive” an exclusive this will be tho. Oft times I hear something like this and then it turns out to be… LBP2 or … Uncharted 3… just something that, while awesome, doesnt blow me away with it’s announcement.

  • Rafi

    Choose what game do you prefer on VGA PS3 exclusive show:
    – Metal Gear Solid 5
    – Half-Life 3
    – Resident Evil 6
    – Zone of the Enders 3
    – Beyond Good & Evil 2
    – Agent
    – Final Fantasy XIII Versus
    – Bungie new game
    – Quantic Dream new game

    Happy Dreaming !!…….

  • kensama


    We can just let Quantic New Game from your list!
    Cause it’s a PS3 exclusive game and most of title you give will be multi.

    • Rafi

      I knew it, all that are on the list is only the possibility of games that will come approximately at VGA. Maybe it will be multiplatform or maybe not and no one knows about it, right ?

      • kensama


        So maybe.
        But it’s write with and from Sony for annoucement no?

  • Blaz

    I don’t believe him, that guy is a hype train.

  • erico316ecw

    to me from the teaser its looks like dead nation 2 same type of video in the opening of part 1

  • rockman29

    1. When are the VGAs? And how do I not watch and watch this trailer?

    2. I like how they have to act like they are putting so much effort into simply showing us a trailer on a given day lol.

    • Genesis

      @rockman29: Saturday and the trailer will be posted online of course.

  • VII Remake

  • Havoc

    Kingdom Hearts 3 ? I know doesnt fit the trailors but its overdue and unexpected.

  • Pirate King

    Shenmue 3 made by naughty dog.

  • martymcflyy85

    Zomg! The Bouncer 2 confirmed!