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Rumor: Dead Space FPS, flight game in development
posted on 11.30.11 at 06:23 AM EST by (@salromano)
Dead Space 3 not canceled, claims source.

The Dead Space series will branch away from the third-person shooter genre in its next couple releases, if a Kotaku source is to be believed.

According to an “insider,” the Dead Space team was told it must make the franchise bigger and better, leading Visceral to begin development on a first-person shooter and flight game centered around the series.

The team will supposedly move on to create “an Uncharted-like game” after these games are complete. Development on this game has yet to begin, according to the source, but is in its early planning stages.

Alongside these two Dead Space spin-offs, Dead Space 3 will still arrive. According to the insider, the game is a co-op title set on an ice planet, backing up previous rumors.

Dead Space 3 will be the last in the series to feature Isaac as the protagonist, ending a trilogy. The series will move on to become an “action-heavy” Dead Space, or “Uncharted in space,” according to Kotaku.

Electronic Arts has yet to comment on the claims.

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  • FaithlessMr

    Sad. What was perhaps the only fragment of the survival horror genre this gen is quickly being dismantled.

    Everything this gen has to play the same to be considered a sucess. Then those who actually feel sad about this are considered “haturz”, and our opinion is considered by everyone to be nothing but a “rant”. But it’s true, just give it some thought.

    Don’t we already have many FPS games out there? Don’t we already have many Uncharted like adventures? And even if we don’t, why not take a risk like Naughty Dog did and make a franchise from scratch to go for the Uncharted like type of game?

    I love Uncharted, but, Dead Space was a nice reminder of how the Survival Horror genre used to be amazing. And how there was still hope for the genre altogether, given the praise the game got.

    And now they’re turning the third game into a Co-op game? Sure, coz that worked amazingly well with Resident Evil 5, it made the game that much scary. The game was fun as hell, but scary it was not. Neither was it a survival horror game.

    Neither will the games in the franchise be if this is indeed true.

    • Finalshoryuken

      @FaithlessMr: I agree completely with that statement. But, with the co-op part, it’s 50/50. Because, if it’s a seperate feature like the multiplayer of dead space 2; then Im ok with that, because it doesn’t effect the main story. But, if it is, then I agree, it’s not gonna be scary, al a RE5. But, lets just hope that it’s just like the title said, a rumor.

      • FaithlessMr

        @Finalshoryuken: From what I read, I’m assuming they’re saying that Dead Space 3 will be all about the Co-Op like Resi 5 was.

        Again, I had lots of fun with RE5, played it with friends, but I did so knowing I could get my survival horror fix with Dead Space. Where will I turn to now, though?

        • Finalshoryuken

          @FaithlessMr: Well, Amy is coming out soon. But, I do understand your point.

          • FaithlessMr

            Oh yeah, I forgot about Amy. But I still need to give it a try, I’m not entirely sure about it still.

  • Many rumors…I prefer wait for concret news to give my opinion…”Uncharted like” “Co-Op” “Dead Space FPS”…oh man it is so vague…