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Rumor: Dead Space 3 set on blizzard planet
posted on 09.26.11 at 05:01 PM EST by (@salromano)
Not DQ Blizzards. Then the game would be set in heaven.

Dead Space 3 is in development, according to a Siliconera source. The site has first details on the game, which they claim moves away from the spaceship setting, instead dropping Issac Clarke on the icy planet of Tau Volantis.

The game apparently starts with Issac crash-landing on the planet, and–thinking he’s the only survivor–he heads to an abandoned waystation for shelter from the snowstorm. There he finds a badly-injured survivor, who tells him there are other survivors at another facility. One of the group is Ellie, who returns from the first Dead Space.

Siliconera has a few more details, but they’re a bit spoilerish. Read them here.

Enemies in the threequel are apparently called “the hive mind.”

Siliconera claims their source is the same that leaked them details about EA’s recently announced Syndicate reboot a few months back.

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  • Dead Space is one of my favorite new IPs this generation. I would and am excited for a third round.

  • captainhowdy

    Just like……. The Thing, my favorite horror film. That movie also influenced the alien parasites from Dead Space.

  • i hope there is dead space 3 because dead space 2 is not ending story