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Platinum “ready” to develop DmC Devil May Cry
posted on 06.17.11 at 11:47 AM EST by (@salromano)

Since its announcement, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding the Ninja Theory-developed DmC Devil May Cry. Fans worry over the new developer, the new look, and new direction the game looks to be taking.

Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya, now of Platinum Games, expressed his dislike of the new Dante in the past. Questioned on Twitter recently, he said his company would take up the job, if Capcom gave it to them.

“Ask Capcom,” he replied to a fan asking Kamiya-san to “come back and fix this problem.”

Asked if Platinum would be on board for developing the game if Capcom offered, he said: “Sure. We’re ready.”

The latest media for DmC Devil May Cry was released during E3.

Thanks, Gaming247.

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  • talesoffan

    That would be great. I have no faith in Ninja Theory.

  • zerolegacy0

    For the love of God!! Please give DMC back to Kamiya!!

  • ZacKazual

    Oh my Devil Trigger!!!

    Didn’t I say this JUST the other Day!? Come on everyone! We can (try to) make this happen!!!

  • gold163

    Come on, Capcom. The guy is BEGGING you not to further defecate his legacy.

  • zangetsukakashi

    man i wish,, that’d be a dream come true…..,,,
    but it’ll never happen, not as long as capcom’s thinking of western gamers and money…..

  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this actually happened? There’s got to be some way we can campaign to let Kamiya develop it. Come on Capcom!

  • Gaara D. Dragon


  • BizarreJelly

    I’d much rather they do another Bayonetta!

    • ZacKazual


      One that actually looked good and ran well on PS3 no less!

  • zakou

    Bayonetta is amazing, why not make bayonetta 2 that will beat the living shit out of this new DMC and let Ninja theory/capcom BEG platinum games to make a new dmc game?

  • Zero

    Everyone here that reads my posts knows I have lots of love for Kamiya-san. Devil May Cry 1 is my favorite of the series, and I made my thoughts well known on the new DmC and Kamiya-san in the E3 trailer thread. [ ]

    Perhaps he is thinking the same thing, that this is fate. I’d love to see Kamiya-san get the rights to make the game he created again, but, If that doesn’t happen, I’ll just look forward to his next game.

    As for Capcom and Ninja Theory, I’m still in a wait and see mood with this.

  • Leonix7791

    Ninja theory you can leave the project to Kamiya now and go make heavenly sword 2.It’s much better.

  • Oh my Platinum MUST develop the next DMC! Ninja theory can’t compare to them, seriously

  • DarthXehanort

    I’d rather have Ninja Theory do it.

    • Charlie

      @DarthXehanort: The game wouldn’t be as good if NT made it…

      • Arcanenix

        @Charlie: I rather have NT do it too, I don’t think people know what is best for them. NT will surprise us all.

  • someone

    Please Capcom, let PG do the next Devil May Cry. I promise I’ll buy it.