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Atelier Meruru dated and detailed in Dengeki
posted on 03.21.11 at 10:56 PM EST by (@salromano)

Gust Corporation’s next game in the Arland series of Atelier games has been dated and named in this week’s issue of Dengeki magazine. Atelier Meruru: Alchemist of Arland 3 will launch in Japan on June 23; the standard edition will go for 7,140 yen, while a fancier limited edition will cost 10,290 yen.

The game was announced during Dengeki Game Appreciation Festival in Tokyo, earlier this month. Its title wasn’t revealed during the announcement, only that it’d be the next game in the Arland series. A trademark for the name Atelier Meruru surfaced two days later. The game’s official website is scheduled to launch this Friday.

Meruru takes the cover

Update 11:46pm: Atelier Meruru stars the 15-year-old Merilance Lehde Earls, who we’ll call Meruru, for now (there’s no official translation for her name, yet). Totori (from the second game) is now 19 years-old; she is Meruru’s teacher. Rorona (from the first game), who was Totori’s teacher, also makes an appearance, but in a younger form. This is a bit odd, considering Rorona is older than Totori. Unfortunately, the magazine does not explain how she appears younger than Totori. Perhaps a screw-up in alchemical mixing?

The game is set in the country of Earls, a departure from Arland, where the past two games were set.

According to other leaks from Dengeki, the visuals of Atelier Meruru have advanced greatly from its predecessors. It’ll boast an world development component, where the players’ actions will affect the land. The battle system’s user-interface has received an overhaul, with movement order now displayed on the right of the screen. The magazine also confirms this will be the last game in the Arland series.

The next issue will introduce “maid” and “butler” characters. Stay tuned.

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Update 12:35am: Scans added below.

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  • Details added!

  • talesoffan

    Wow in-game model looks almost identical to art. Details sound great. Nice it’s coming out so soon.

  • love the art :)

    please western release please ^^

    • western release of ps3 atelier is guarantee right? nisa probably will release this next year, as for this year, there’s still Disgaea 4 and Atelier Totori that need to be release

  • Wish the scans weren’t so blurry. With all the tech we’ve got today, you’d think someone could take a better picture.

    • yeah, with tech nowdays i just wondering why japanese people still take blurry shots, lol~

      btw, i found better quality one, but not very good one. only 4 close-up scans. if you want, just grab it here :

      • Thanks. Will add them soon. Mind letting me know (here or via e-mail – editor[at]scrawlfx[dot]com) where you get your scans from?

        • i usually get that from japanese website. it’s really confusing though, one of them is hachimaki, anoop gantayat favourite source, lol

          • Hatimaki had those scans?

            • ugh, no. i thought you were asking the other game scan at photobucket album.

              i found HQ scans of meruru at our indonesian game forum. some guy drop it at the thread so i’d just grab it. HQ scans always leak out late.

  • Tmillyo88

    Geuss I’m looking forward to this but I have to worry about Totori for now. I liked Rorona but thought the battle system was a bit awkward. Until I see Totori’s improvements I can’t really get excited for this one.

  • Wolfheart

    I’m a little worried about this ‘Rorona being little’ thing.. Although it could be good, depending on what it really is. But I’m still really happy about there being a new game. X3 I can’t help but think.. What about Sterk!? (Ugh. I’m such a fangirl.) Just gotta wait for Atelier Totori..! >.<

  • I’ve been very pleased with Gust’s performance so far, this generation. Would really like them to put out a game other than Atelier or Ar Tonelico, though. Maybe a new property.

  • talesoffan

    Yeah I can’t wait to see what they do next. I’m really enjoying Ar Tonalico Qoga.

    I was just thinking what a twist to have Rorona young. This could really up the humor factor.

  • sheppard00

    This game is pure love…so much cuteness…do want…badly…

  • I am drunk or is there a new ‘bouncy’, moving effect on the image pop out on the site? I like it, if so.

  • *I meant “Am I drunk”…must be I guess..