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Rockstar mo-cap resume lists Grand Theft Auto V [Update]
posted on 02.27.11 at 05:59 PM EST by (@salromano)

Declan Mulvey, whose done motion capture and stunt coordination work for projects like Rockstar-developed video games to TV shows including It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, has ousted Grand Theft Auto V (as if it weren’t obvious).

His resume, picked up by MaxConsole, lists work as a “motion capture stunt performer” for Rockstar Games on Grand Theft Auto V. He’s also worked on L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, and Manhunt 2.

His resume can be found through here. We’ve downloaded a copy of it in case the Rockstar ninjas have him remove the mention. We suggest you do the same. If anything, we’ve got a screencap of it below.

Earlier today, it was uncovered that Rockstar parent Take-Two registered domain names for what can potentially be Grand Theft Auto V parodies.

Update 11:18pm It’s a typo, apparently. “Should be IV,” says Mulvey.

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  • MooMetal

    UGH!!!! So excited for another GTA lol.

  • bangarang

    well, glad to see they’re still working on Max Payne 3. haven’t heard anything from that since the Game Informer spread.

  • I wonder if it’s going to use the same mo-cap technology as LA Noire. If so, then wow!