Take-Two registers potentially GTA V-related domains - Gematsu
Take-Two registers potentially GTA V-related domains
posted on 02.27.11 at 10:40 AM EST by (@salromano)

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is highly known for its parodies of real companies and websites. We saw this with Sprunk (parody of Sprite), Weazel News (Fox News), 24-7 (7-11), Burger Shot (Burger King), and many more in Grand Theft Auto IV. A new set of domain registrations, also parodies, filed by publisher Take-Two today may suggest the upcoming announcement of Grand Theft Auto V.

The domains:

Grand Theft Auto V at GDC, next month, anyone? Or am I being too hopeful?

Thanks, Supererogatory.

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  • rockman29

    I hope it has more content than GTA IV… I can still play GTA:SA for hours… can’t say the same for GTA IV. It’s a really fun game, but it just feels very empty to me.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    I would like to see another themed one.. Vice City remains my fav.

    • rockman29

      San Andreas had a theme. It was all ’90s west coast.

      It has a severely underappreciated soundtrack. It has everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to N.W.A. The ’80s music from Vice City is more mainstream though, so it’s more recognizable. SA definitely has no shortage of great music though.

      GTA III and IV feel a lot weaker in this regard though.

      Anywayyyyy… tangent end… lol.

  • I’d love to see ‘Grand Theft Auto: 3000’ or something like that.

    Hover cars and laser guns, anyone?

    • rockman29

      I still remember the rumours before San Andreas came out about GTA: Tokyo or something lol.