Final Fantasy XIII-2, Versus XIII, and Type-0 hit Jump - Gematsu
Final Fantasy XIII-2, Versus XIII, and Type-0 hit Jump
posted on 01.18.11 at 10:16 PM EST by (@salromano)

Final Fantasy XIII-2, announced this morning, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy Type-0 (formerly known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII) star in the latest issue of Jump.

The scans are small — a bit blurry, while we’re at it — but you can clearly make out a few new renders of Lightning (XIII-2), Noctis (Versus XIII), and the Type-0 characters.

Under Lightning’s image, it reads: “In the world where I once existed, time’s path is no longer certain.”

Check out the scans below.

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  • Chaos Raiden

    Interesting. Lightning must have went to a different world after Final Fantasy XIII -Episode 1-.

    • Revorse

      I’m starting to get that feeling as well.

  • Falsate

    Everything looking great.


    This is all so beyond incredibly awesome!!!!

  • All looking fantastic. Interesting that Type 0 was really just Agito, I didn’t think of that when we were trying to guess what it might be!

    Also, I’m liking the XIII-2 logo, I dunno…something about it. Anyway, all great news!

  • Juam

    Greatest news evaaaaaaa, well, for me that is :D wasnt excited and all that with versus13 but, maybe, just maybe with the release of its trailer on the 27th might get me excited just like this one.

    yay to more Lightning!

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Wow didnt expect scans so soon. Im loving XIII-2 and Versus but there’s something about Agito that makes it stand out from the others. I wonder what characters will be returning from XIII-2.

  • Kurai Warrior

    Will there be higher quality scans at any point? Because these are super blurry :(

    • Probably not. If I come across better scans, I’ll replace these, but your best bet is to wait until the assets are released on the net. If the schedule follows its normal path, it should happen by the end of the week. If not, I’m guessing early next week.

  • ellejuss07

    Looks awesome. I wonder who the purple haired guy is? Is it snow???!?!?! lol.. probably not..

  • Blades64

    While the anouncement of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is awesome in its ownself, I really hope they focus on Versus 13 and Type-0 before they mess around with that title…

    • With Final Fantasy XIII-2 coming only two years after the release of the first game, I have a feeling that a lot of assets are going to be re-used and re-hashed. I’m really hoping Square heard the fans out and really make this a better game (than the first), but I can’t be too sure until we’re informed on the title’s new features.

      Even with that — I think Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still much more anticipated than Final Fantasy XIII-2. I mean, it has been like 5 years now.

  • Acerba

    Noctis’s quotation is awesome. “Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It’s undeniable.” Very interesting! I’m looking forward to Versus even more now.

    • That IS a brilliant quote. And true as well.

    • You must have eagle eyes, man. How the hell where you able to read that?