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Final Fantasy Versus XIII two years later
posted on 01.27.11 at 10:56 AM EST by (@salromano)
Noctis and Stella compared to 2009.

The new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer is finally out in high-definition. So how does it compare to the media we saw two years ago?

We decided to put together two small comparisons — one of Noctis, and another of Stella — to find out. What do you think? Do they look better now? Do they look worse? Or are you unsure? Drop a comment and share your thoughts.

Keep in mind: the images from 2011 are ripped from a video. The images from 2009 are official screenshots released by Square Enix. Their quality may differ. Also note: the visuals in the trailer are reportedly before the graphics were given a significant boost.

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  • dart2087

    I see… they look worse. -_-

  • zerolegacy0

    First of all the overall quality of the characters has increased, but the main difference to me seems like their age has changed. Noctis looks more manly than boyish and Stella looks more womanly. I’d say it’s a fair change since Versus is opting a darker tone.

  • rockman29

    Everyone realizes this game was announced in 2006, right?

    • Right. But these images are from 2009. Two years ago.

      • rockman29

        I’m just saying, 5 years of work and we’re still at trailers and at least a year away from release.

  • JTX09

    They look better now. Their proportions and their hair are much more realistic. The color looks a little washed out but thats probably cause of the video.

  • Falsate

    You know how I feel about this. The new build looks remarkable and I can tell Nomura’s team is getting closer to their desire. Hold a portrait of his drawn characters close to the screen and the resemblance is uncanny (especially the eyes)!

    It’s not the final version, but it’s already asking for my wallet.

  • doeman

    +Nomura stated that the footage from the recent trailer was from an older build and that the final game would improve upon this.

  • Revorse

    The style is much less “anime-ish” and much more realistic which is the vibe they were going for right??

  • Jackle

    “Nomura does note though, that this footage is older, and was cut before the game was given a visual quality boost.”


    • Yes. It’s been noted in the article.

  • Hypno Physics

    I agree with Zerolegacy on this, they seem to have a bit of a more mature look.

  • doa766

    the old trailer is from 2006, not 2009

  • milramyah

    umm the colors do seem very washed out. Also, Stella’s shoulders now have jaggy bumps while her old ones were smooth.

  • TruTrini4LYFE

    The look like garbage now compare from the 2009 version…I guess they liked when they said 2009 was in-game footage.

  • TruTrini4LYFE

    They look like garbage now compare from to 2009 Version…I guess they liked when they said 2009 was in-game footage.


    From a western gamer: FF VERSUS 13 is one of my Top Most Wanted Titles…

  • whiteferrero

    i think they just changed the art style. the quality’s still pretty smooth.

  • zerocrossing87

    I agree the new character desighn looks a little worse, but it’s most likey because the new character models resemble more the one’s you’ll be using in game (Like in the the Metal Gear Solid games) Probably because they want the cutscenes and the game to blend in to eachother as Seamlessly as possible, for watever reason it shouldnt harm the game much aslong as the story and gameplay are solid it should be awesome!

  • MooMetal

    You scared me, i thought you meant that FF13 Versus will be released in two years.

  • Acerba

    Noctis and Stella both look anemic in the new footage. Noctis looks better in 2011, but I prefer the 2009 Stella.

  • Locksus

    Stella looks okay I guess but Noctis’ hair looks greasy

  • TerrenceG9

    I don’t know why they bother releasing updates at all, the game probably isn’t going to come out for another 2 years I’d say.

  • kratosredfield

    I think marketing management effects many things. you know like changing a game’s style. maybe just to sell more copies in the west. I’ll buy the game anyway.

    • Zero


      I dub thee necromancer.

      • whiteferrero

        @Zero: hey! isn’t it cool that more than half the people who posted in this news, are still visiting the site, a year after? :D

        • Zero


          Absolutely! :)

        • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

          I wasnt even commenting back then D: just reading…

      • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

        Just here to stop in awkwardly…

  • WhereMyGame

    stella’s face looks better in the 2009 shot because the 2011 one is too skinny. unless it’s because the 2009 shot is stretched or taken closer…. and i dont really dig the agape mouth in 2011.