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Killzone 3 beta code giveaway
posted on 10.26.10 at 06:03 PM EST by (@salromano)

Update: Contest closed. The winners have been announced!

Original: Anybody up for testing out some Killzone 3!? Of course you are, why am I even asking? We’ve got a few codes for the currently in-progress beta that we’d like to give away to our readers, so we’re doing just that.

Want in? All you need to do is tell us why you’re so excited for Killzone 3. We’ve only got a few to give away, though, so not everybody’s gonna get a code. Drop a comment and hope for the best. We’ll give away the codes at 1pm EST 3pm EST tomorrow.

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  • modey

    I want one ;)

    • modey

      Damn i chose speed over reading the thing properly :) Yh i want KZ3 cause i am a kick ass fan of killzone as i have completed killzone 2 fully and am awesome on kz2 online. i will not be one of them people who have the beta and whine about how much it suck :) i like to admire the things i have :)

  • Constantine

    OMG I can’t wait for Killzone 3. I loved the second and am super hyped for the third. Few games this gen have been able to pull off the visceral weight and feel of combat like Killzone has, and for that reason alone I’m excited. The amazing graphics also don’t hurt!! :)

  • modey

    Sorry forgot to say thanks :)

  • deathrow

    hope i get one, loved killzone 2 so much and wanna see what they did with killzone 3

  • miusica

    I want one, of course. I want it because I’ve been playing Killzone 2 for ages, everyday, and who better than me for testing Killzone 3? I also visit this site two or three times a day, so I hope I can get one code.

    Thanks a million!

  • mordakai8

    I’ve played KZ1, 2, and Liberation. I love the in depth story in each iteration, and would really enjoy testing a game that will be sure to bring me Hours upon Hours of Single Player and Multiplayer Entertainment for a long time. I Really want a code :)

  • Fakil

    I loved killzone 2 and I’m a huge fan of the series, therefore I would really love to play the beta. I also think I can contribute to the developers of the game to, by sending constructive feedback to them once in a while to make sire the final product is as good as it can possible be on the realese day.

  • GameTavern

    Excited to see how the Move handles in a FPS!

  • th3soldier

    I want to rub it in the face of all my friends who can’t get a code, why else?! Seriously though, I was blown away by the overhaul they made from KZ 1 to KZ 2 and I think they are leading the way for next-gen games. Hopefully I receive a code, and thanks!

  • Shedman

    I want one because I love killzone, :D

    From the fire base raid in killzone, Rescuing Evlynn in Liberation, to defending the Cruiser from Helgahst in Killzone 2, i’ve loved every minute, and i don’t want to miss out on the beta that will ensure these minutes are kept going through killzone 3. It’s worlds apart from the fragfests of halo and CoD, and something different and good is always gonna be top dog.

  • FangBlade

    I want one because I’m the best there is at what I do and what I do best isn’t very nice. I’m coming for blood; no law, no code of conduct. You give me the code, amd get the hell out of my way.

    Seriusly now, Im so pumped i’m gonna explode. please, be kind, I never win this kind of stuff.

    [email protected]

  • Menas

    I want one because it looks badass. And I loved Killzone 2. And I wanna experience mech battles! :)

  • JTX09

    Uhhhhhhhhhh…… FPS + PS Move = a fuckload of awesome? How’s that for my excitement!!?!?!?!

  • Gambler10

    I love Killzone 3 because it is made by Guerrilla Games, the studio that made the award-winning Killzone 2. Because of the amazing game Killzone 2 was, I know that I will love Killzone 3. From what I have seen, Guerrilla Games has expanded on everything that made Killzone 2 phenomenal. Killzone 2 has an amazing, cinematic single-player campaign, as well as an excellent, addictive multiplayer experience. Killzone 2 is the most intense game on the Playstation 3. This gritty first-person shooter perfected hit-detection, graphical realism, and intensity of war. The single-player experience by itself could be another game. The variety of missions, levels, and locations make playing fun and exciting. One minute you are running through a desert wasteland looking for Petrusite, the next you are reigning terror on ground forces from the seat of a powerful yet agile Mech.I love vehicles in games and Killzone 2 had a plethora in singleplayer and Killzone 3 has them in multiplayer. I can’t wait to play the beta! Speaking about online, the multiplayer experience of Killzone 2 was so addictive and rewarding, it is the only game that I still play two years later.Another ground-breaking and revolutionary quality of Killzone 2 is its remarkable death animations, as well as its unparalleled graphics. In addition, the weight of the controls makes shooting extremely satisfying. All of these excellent features make Killzone 2 my greatest game of all time. Guerrilla Games had taken the FPS genre to new heights with Killzone 2.I know that Killzone 3 will be amazing from what has been shown. There are no pre-renders, no elaborate unplayable cut-scenes and no false promises; Killzone 3′s reveal is pure and simple – an extended hands-on with the fourth level of a game that we’re thrilled to report is full of awesome. In a cinema a few hundred yards from Guerrilla’s studio in an Amsterdam that is, thanks to an ongoing strike from the city’s refuse services, looking as grimy and hostile as the surface of Helghan itself, we’re given the first look at a game that’s going to get PS3 owners frothing all over again.Hermen Hulst, the managing director of Guerrilla, made an interesting admission at the beginning of his Killzone 3 demo. He said that shortly after completing the previous instalment in the shooter series, the studio got to see two other titles from Sony’s stable – Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. “We were proud of our game, but we realised we had to step it up.” And at E3, we’re getting a first glimpse at the results.Set immediately after the events of Killzone 2, The Helghast leader emperor Visari is dead, but this has only opened up an almighty power struggle between his ambitious generals. Now there is corruption and confrontation everywhere, and the ISA troops find themselves fighting for survival in the immediate aftermath of their decidedly pyrrhic victory. What they’ll face is a revitalised Helghast force, with new tech and new weapons. And this coming asymmetric war will apparently take place amid massive new areas of the Helghan homeworld from jungles to frozen wastelands. According to Hulst, levels are ten times larger in this game, than they were in the last.The demo we see is a huge chunk of level four, where players are beginning to encounter a range of new Helghast technology. It’s a massive industrial base, in an arctic hellhole, littered with derelict oilrigs and hulking cranes bunched together amid the swirling skies. The look is typical Killzone: cold, rusted, inhospitable, mechanical. And the action – which kicks off as soon as we’re in – is familiar too. Machine gun fire rips by the player as he takes out first an enemy emplacement and then a Helghast aircraft with well-aimed grenades. The chopper swirls uselessly in the air, then explodes into a building – a special effects sequence that would have Michael Bay leering in admiration.From here, what Guerrilla is promising is a more open design structure, the larger levels allowing for multiple routes through the environment, with plenty of set-piece choke points on the way. Although the visual style is extremely familiar (the industrial look, and the muted cold colours, are hugely reminiscent of the Killzone 2 environs), the detail and interaction with environments seems to have been increased. At one point, we’re attacking a Helghast rig in armoured aircraft, strafing the decks with mini-gun fore that brings gargantuan pipe system crashing to the icy ground.But alongside these epic moments of long distance warfare, Killzone 3 is also bringing in a new emphasis on close quarters fighting. The team has introduced a self-explanatory new mechanic, named ‘the brutal melee system’, which allows players to punch and kick Helghast enemies to the ground, or smash them with a rifle butt. When they’re down, it’s another rifle jab to the face,. This is a highly physical reflection of the game’s chunky, brutish weapon handling and looks to fit perfectly into the pitiless Killzone universe.I got a quick hands-on with the game, taking a few bloody strides into level four. Kicking off, I was in a gunship, blasting that rig apart and watching the Helghast troops run for cover. On the ground, things are as they have always been; it’s about deadly firefights, picking your way through cover and being absolutely accurate every time you chance your head above cover. This is furious, relentless hardcore FPS action, with beautifully tuned weapon feedback. I also got to see a couple of Helghast jet pack troopers, who wear huge flying suits with broad wings, like metallic harpies, blasting you from above. (Apparently, players get a chance to pilot these bad boys at some point.)Playing in 3D is an interesting experience. All the stuff we’re told about the technology, that it helps players to judge depth, and to pick out targets, has an element of truth to it. When standing on a ridge at one point, looking out over a Helghast base, I could pick out the merest pixels of solders, lurking amid metal crates and other military detritus. Oh and the blood effects when you’re hit are fantastically gruesome, appearing to smear semi-transparently across your vision; you almost want to wipe the stuff off your 3D lenses.As for multiplayer Hulst promises new game modes and a more accessible matchmaking system making it easier for payers to find and play against their friends.Judging from our very small sampler, there’s little so far to convert ardent non-fans. It would have been great to see an environment totally at odds with the Killzone 2 experience, and it’s certainly what we’re being promised – indeed, Hulst says the finale of the game is going to take us way out into space, a fascinating proposition. But regardless of scenery, Killzone 3 already has a solidity, a grasp on modern graphical effects and a rampant pleasure in destruction that’s undeniably and viciously compelling.

    • kolomersy10

      Copy Paste, Nicce

  • Besides it being my favorite game on the PS3, I feel I deserve a beta code after my fruitless attempts to obtain one via purchasing a PS+ membership and downloading the theme (failed), UGO, 1up, IGN, Destructoid, Everything. I’m dying to experience jetpacks and mechs and all the refinements. Please hook me up with a code! Thank u!!!

  • makarov31

    Killzone is one epic game, when I first laid eyes on it I wanted it, and got all 2 games and the PSP one. I played Killzone 1 and loved it too bits then i head of a sequel and pre-ordered straight away. I applied for a beta for killzone 2 but never got a chance and so Killzone 3 I have seen a lot of videos and I want to get my hands on it, this is on my top of the list of game anticipations and when I get to play this beta, I will seriously think of this website and thank it so much for what it has done, So please let me have a beta key

    Thank you

  • Akatosh Fury

    I am excited for Killzone 3 because I love Killzone 2 multiplayer, for me the best of the gen.

  • jeffisaskier

    I’m excited for Killzone 3 because Killzone 2 was amazing and I’m looking to be rewarded for all that cash I spent on a 3D HDTV and the Playstation Move. I’m dying to see what not only the best game graphics look like, but the best 3D graphics. I would love a key.

  • fllyZr4

    The main reason I hold on to the PS3 is to play Killzone3, so the anticipation level to try it is immense. Also I really need a reason to have bought the MOVE and NAV controllers… so far I´ve had little use for them. This is the cherry on the whip cream… =D

  • kolomersy10

    Im very exited with KZ3 most of it because his graphics, lookk awesome, the snow the walls texture, Im watchinn youtube videos all day so I really want to test it out.

  • joshb1023

    i want to play so bad the sniping looks cool plz gimmie i want it!!!!!!!!!

  • Ares84

    You see these dudes how bad they want it????

    Now add that all up. Multiply it by 100 and that’s where I am at.

    …..won’t you share a code with poor little Ares????

    (Makes pussy in boots face)

  • Ares84

    hahahahaha….I wrote Pussy in boots…..that’s halarious!!!

    Puss in boots I meant.

  • mrmcygan

    I have been a long killzone fan ever since the start. I played the original killzone on the PS2 for years. The game was simple amazing. Then I was so happy that Sony announced killzone 2 for the PS3, I had to wait a pretty long until the game came out, but it was well worth it. It had some of the greatest visuals, sound and story line in a fps game. The multiplayer was also simple amazing. You could not imagine the joy I had when Sony officially announced Killzone 3 in e3 2010. The gameplay footage almost killed me with excitement, and when they annnounced a Beta for the game, i almost crapped myself. Unfortunately I was not able to download the theme due to work, so I would be absolutely grateful if the people at could send me a Beta code.


  • ant0n2

    I’m excited about Killzone 3 as a result of its graphical prowess; the discipline in its polish, its precision, accuracy and now lag-free controls! Cannot wait for this and would kill to try out the beta!

    • Thedude

      There are so many reasons why I love KZ3. The realistic graphics, the immersion of the battlefield, and the variety. Its looks that KZ3 is trying to improve over everything that KZ2 was, and it is working. KZ2 was great and all but i had my complaints like the repetitive scenery, the gray and black colors, the controls. KZ3 is changing all of that with more responsive controls, new levels such as jungle environments and even SPACE!!! So all in all i love KZ3 because its everything you expect a sequel is supposed to be and thats bigger, better and more badass :D .
      Thanks i hope you pick me to be worthy of a beta code.

  • Number26

    I would like a Killzone beta code to give to my friend for his birthday! He’s a huge Killzone fan and even camped out on the games release.

  • LeetGoose

    Simply put the reason I want to participate in the Killzone 3 beta is because it looks like one hell of a good time. Thats the primary reasoning behind my desire for a beta key; simply enjoy the beta and all it offers. There is definitely more underlying reason though. The most notable being my background in Killzone 2. I poured days and days into that game, climbing the ladder. At my peak I was in the top 3000 ranked players in the world. I have a desire to get back to the top, perhaps even higher and I feel that by getting in the beta I’l be able to really get a great feel for the game. Killzone 2 truly was a masterpiece and Killzone 3 looks to top that. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be in the beta? For me it is getting back to what I love.

  • Harvey

    I’m excited for Killzone 3 because Guerilla Games seemed to address the complaints people were having with Killzone 2. Additions like Jet packs,scopes,matchmaking, and exo skeleton suit will make the multiplayer an amazing experience. Platforming elements and snow levels will make the single player much more enjoyable.

  • BlueRevolvuR

    I just hope to win one. In the past, I’ve always done these giveaways and haven’t won once. I’m not stating that as a reason to justify why I should win one, but I am really hoping I do. Killzone 2 is my favorite game on ps3 and the reason why I was persuaded to get a ps3. It was the first time I was TRULY wowed by graphics in a game, and have actually spent countless hours in the multiplayer. I expect to spend the same amount of time, if not more, in KZ3. As someone severely suffering from Killzone-syndrome, a beta code would definitely cure me. =)

  • veloxian

    I bought a new 3d tv for this game, and playstation move. I have killzone 1, killzone 2, and have tried a dozen times to get the beta for killzone 3 but failed. I love the series simply because it is the greatest shooter i have ever played. I was compelled with the idea and plot of killzone and was drawn in more by the breathtaking graphics and addictive multiplayer. KIllzone 2 is now the only thing I play. All that will change with Killzone 3. If you give me the priviledge of playing of coarse.

    • rnm1789

      I am so excited for killzone 3 because I think this is the definitive multiplayer experience for the PS3. Guerilla Games seemed to address the problems that the community had with Killzone 2- this makes Killzone 3 just mind-blowing, combined with the pristine graphics and gripping multi/single player. Being a hardcore fan of the Killzone franchise, I know that Killzone 3 WILL be the best first-person shooter of 2011. I just pray that I can be honored with a beta code so I can take part in the heart-stopping action that lies only in Killzone 3.

    • im excited for KZ 3 as KZ 2 was the best shooter out there, 9 months of solid playing.

    • im excited because games with guns turn me on

  • Ares84

    Why is my comment removed?? :(

  • I OU a Beatn

    I definitely want one! I’ll even hang upside down by my toes for 3 hours!

  • majdees

    I love Killzone 2 and I like the new stuff GG added in Killzone 3. I want to help make it into a better final product by participating in the beta :) GG is a great dev so they absolutely can have our feedback and constructive criticism.

  • rock8steady

    I want to play so I can decide on whether or not I will pass on Black ops to wait for this game.

    • DefenzZ

      Really need a code :D

  • Cryptech

    Two words: Jet packs!!! Seriously they look like so much fun, woohoo.

  • windmill145

    Why I’m excited for Killzone 3? Because I love knifing people in the face, I get a joy from doing that.

  • Dragon

    I am excited for Killzone 3 because the other two were amazing games raising the bar for graphics and intense shooters. Killzone 3 will also include 3D support and move support which is awesome and will extend the gameplay beyond just the dualshock controller. I am also excited that they are making the multiplayer much better this time around and looks awesome with the mechs, jetpacks, and weapons.

  • ManOnHisMoon

    I am so excited for Killzone 3 because of jet packs and an improvement upon the last awesome game!

  • kennyb324

    kill-zone 3 is going to push the ps3 to its limits with its amazing graphics and gameplay. From all the game play videos out there it looks like it bests uncharted 2 in the graphics category. This game looks amazing and Naughty Dog did an excellent job helping guerrilla games with the snow textures. This game is going to be the defining game on the playstation 3 console. and i would love it if you would give me the chance to be one of the many people to experience this masterpiece

  • john_D03

    Please give me the code to HELP ME!! I’m a medical student, deep into a pile of books for my upcoming exams – it would be a LIFE-SAVING distraction for me!

    I could write on and on about how big a KZ2 fan I am (which is true), how I absolutely loved its MP portion (which is also true) and how much I love broccoli (which is not true), but the biggest truth of all is that it would be the greatest counter-balance for my studies.

    So, if you can find it in your hearts, HEEEEEEELP!

  • atruhotboi

    i love killzone because of the amazing graphics and it will be alot better then black ops and next year when it releases people will truly recogonize the power of the ps3

  • Asane

    The beta gameplay looks amazing! It’d be cool to try it out. It’ll be like my eyes getting raped by a rainbow because of the visuals! Oh yeah!

  • sarobi

    well i’ve been a big fan of killzone since the first, and being that at the moment i own a 3DTV and Playstation move i am super hyped for killzone 3, being i think its going to be the only thing worth playing on a 3DTV, i would love to give the beta a shot, simply because i wouldn’t treat it as an early access demo, i would do my best to find glitchs/bugs and stress the server (by contributing log time) and of course reporting it to the developers, i want killzone 3 to be the best it could be and beta’s are for testing and improving, not to gain early access just to play, but yeah.. thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all

  • gamestorecowgirl

    Killzone 2 was the first FPS I ever really got into. It just so happened that my dad also got into it really heavy around the same time. We’d play multiplayer together and discuss strategy when we werent playing. I’m excited for Killzone 3 for “daddy & daughter” time more than anything else.

  • Bobko12

    KILLZONE 3 Enough Said!

  • xX-PEIN-Xx

    I’m excited for Killzone 3 because of the cliffhanger of KZ2. I can’t wait to experience the struggle to get off the planet of Helghan. Also Rico must die because he’s a jackass lol. Most importantly I can’t wait to get hooked into Killzone 3’s multiplayer.

  • atruhotboi

    please give me a code i have tried everything i love the killzone francise

  • crazy_j

    where do i start ? new party system new levels(killzone 2 had some awesome levels) jet pack, cant wait.

  • atruhotboi

    this is my third post reminding you please give me a code i want it that much more then everybody

  • freshjamba21

    I have been a killzone fanatic since day 1. I’ve got everything for killzone 1 to killzone 2, including the psp version killzone liberation. I’ve been following this series for a quite a while and would deeply appreciate the opportunity to make the 4th installment in the series even better with looking for malfunctions in the beta while having a fun time doing so.

  • dfuse

    Good luck everyone!

  • sohokan

    i must be part of this beta . i earned a platinum trophy on KZ 2, please im begging u !!!!

  • mrgerbik03

    Why am I excited? Mech? Jetpacks? No and No…you know that “ching” when you kill someone?

    Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more “ching”l!

  • true_gamer89

    I love Killzone 2 and still havent stop playing it. GG is a great developer and listens to their fans alot. I really want to try out the KZ3 beta.

  • kingofps3

    I am a big fan of killzone. I played all the other killzones. I like Killzone 2 the best and want more of it. I believe im gonna go crazy for killzone 3 so please give me a code. killzone is awesome!!

  • night_crawler27

    I NEED IT whats not to love about killzone i remember killzone one playing with my friends all night laughing and having a great time i just love killzone especially killzone 2 ive tried to get a beta code everwhere this could be my last resort. im excited for jetpacks, new story, and all of the late nights with the boys thank you sooo much for this opportunity i know this game will rock!

  • TheGreenTriangle

    I’m excited for Killzone 3 because I think it’s one of the best first-person shooting games out there. I’ve been playing Killzone ever since when the first game came out on Playstation 2. I am a huge Killzone fanatic, and I’m so pumped for the new one to come out. I really want to test the beta for it, but unfortunately, it’s really difficult to get the codes for it. This is my last chance of finally getting a code to test the beta out, so I’m really hoping I get one.

  • imTatsu

    I have never played Killzone in my life, well I’ve tried KZ2 demo and that’s about it. But from what i’ve seen from KZ3, i’m now honestly intrigued, and depending on how I like it i’ll probably buy KZ2 as well since it is a greatest hit now.

    I’m really into first person shooters, so i’m curious to see where KZ3 will stand. I’m really excited to try the online multiplayer and to see where KZ3 stands.

  • mauaus

    Loved the animations and the whole ambiance of the world, the sound was top notch too… would love to get my hands on #3

  • machii83

    Im really looking forward to the release of killzone 3 and would love to get a chance to play in the beta. If you could be so kind to give me a beta code i will make all your dreams come true:)

    • Dude i can’t wait for Killzone 3. I absolutely loved Killzone 2,and i bought the playstation move just because i heard Killzone was going to be compatible.

  • zingodude

    ———-> One Code Please ^_^ <————

  • xhausted

    I went out and brought a PS3 because of this game. When im on the 360 i have to argue my friends down bout Killzone 2 being the best FPS on the market hands down!!! All hear is Halo this!!! COD 2 that! Such fanboys!!! SMH!! Being able to be apart of testing one of the greatest games in history is humbling experience for me!!

  • zeus3715

    Well, I have been gaming for a long while and out of all my favorite games the Kill-zone series has definitely been top.

    I waited ages for Kill-zone 2 to come out and im surprised that Kill-zone 3 is coming out.

    However its pretty hard to wait so that’s why im posting here trying to get a beta key. ^ ^

    I also have quite a bit of experience in beta testing from MMO-s like Fallen Earth to Call of Duty 3, MAG and a variety of other games.

  • FireChakkal

    Hope i win =]


    I am excited for killzone 3 because the game is going to be EPIC!!! and i really can’t wait to try out all the new things in this game which are the campaign, hopefully co op play, and best of all multiplayer. I can’t wait to see what guerilla games have done to killzone 3 and using the ps3s great power to make it even surpass killzone 2!!!!!!!

  • ninjagoat

    well im in a bit of trouble tbh im in the beta but i stole it from my sisters email account she got the theme same time as me. So im here to ask for a code to get me out of trouble.

  • moosefreak

    I love Killzone soooooooo much. February 27, 2009 marks the day that my life was defined. I believe that the Helghast are misunderstood, and that it was wrong of the ISA to retaliate and invade Helghan. (If I had my own helghast, my life would be complete!). I’ve had over a year and a half of exciting memories and close calls, and impossible kills, and hilarious games: dodge my missle, C4 dominoes, strapping C4 to teammates and running at the enemy, finding hilarious out of map glitches and crazy fun. These were amazing memories. I’m looking forward to being able to reach into an ammo box with a perfect animation!! (reaches for actualllll ammo now!!) and mech dueling, and all the awesome scopes Nd new sidearms! and being able to actually touch water!! and less LAG!!! The lag!! oh the lag was horrible… but I loved it… I’ll miss it, but I’m glad to see it go. I love killzone because it’s so quotable: “did they make it through the floodgates yet?” “negative–GAHHHHHH” ahh good times. If I get the beta I’m going to try my hardest to report as many difficult-to-find bugs so when the game comes out it will be pristine!! Gosh, I’m drooling over the graphics and gameplay. I really hope ya choose me. =] happy internetting everyone!! [email protected] is my email. I loveses youuu

    • bsbs93

      Killzone 3 beta would be awesome because i most likely will not live until the actual release date due to terminal illness. Also, Killzone 3 will be stunning.

  • AllyOmega

    I never bought the first two Killzones, but I’m hoping to buy this one! lots of great games coming out, like infamous 2 and Socom 4, but by far, I love the feel that I’ve gotten from playing the Killzone 2 demo better than any of the others!

  • ikurd

    I’m so excited for Killzone 3 that I subscribed to Playtation + just to try to get into the beta but i was unsuccessful “downloaded theme to late”. also I have the game preordered it the game 2 months ago. I really want a code.

  • solid_molina

    What because I like killzone? It’s simple, makes her a very special universe. I’m not much of shooter but thanks to this series made me change my opinion. And I love that killzone, this made known a new universe within the shooter genre. I am a regular player of the night in multiplayer mode and nothing would make me illusion that we can have in my hands this beta. Want to try the new features, see the magnificent graphics, new game modes … Everything that Guerrilla’s doing. A greeting and good luck

  • zafer1857

    İ want a killzone 3 code because i’ll join army december so İ cant play kz3 when its release date and maybe never.please

  • dark12prince

    Plzz plz plzzzzzz I beg you plzzzzz

  • oafuape

    I sm excited for killzone 3 because i enjoyed killzone 2 a lot. I bought two copies(one for myself and one for my brother) and i was in the top 10th percentile. I was on the forums almost everyday trying to advocate a party system(lobby) for killzone 2 and i am happy they placed it in KZ3. I can not wait to play this game with my friends and family

  • incredibilistic

    Why am I excited? It’s Killzone 3!! What reason do I NOT have to be excited about this game?

    What I’m most intrigued about is the controls. Did they make them faster and more responsive? What about the graphics? Did they do any better or is this the same engine and a different story and settings?

    I’d be honored to get one of those coveted codes!

  • bodster2k7

    Hey guys, i would really appreciate a code, iv had a terrible past few months…

    I lost my flat because apparently its illegal to attack people whilst using my coronel radek camouflague ability…

    That ISA Dog, Sev, stole my wife from me…

    I have had all my payments from the Government stopped, even though i survived that nuclear explosion and could one day have kids with 3 arms…

    I would have given my left bollock but unfortunatly that was lost when i managed to get my Killzone 2 beta code.

    Many thanks, Bodster :)

  • runner

    I am a killzone fans and this game seems awesome for the IQ and gameplay.

  • jkrow

    Please give me a code killzone rocks

  • Lavalamp1138

    The multiplayer component of Killzone 2 was what stole my heart. The constant ebb and flow of Warzone left a lasting impression on me. The clan support was so brilliantly executed that I found myself sneaking onto the official website during work to watch my clanmates’ little triangles move about the 1-dimensional as they fought for supremacy. Sneaking around Phyrus Rise as a scout, making sure my prey was unable to catch a glimpse of my flickering cloak, only to surprise them by launching a bullet between their eyes. Pure bliss. And now, Killzone 3 is beckoning. I’ve developed this insatiable hunger for its exhilarating premise. Scrawl, please relieve me of this terrible burden by offering one of your beta codes.

    • somerandamdude

      i am exited to play the best fps series the ps brand has to offer, i used to pay killzone on ps2 for a long time despite the many gitches and am still hooked on killzone 2 online even though there arent many people left playing it. i would love to be able to try killzone 3 as a long time fan of the series and see all the cool new additions.

  • 1jordan1

    I played and beat the first one while played and beat the second one and right now i am playing Killzone 2 online! My id is Jordan_Hunt, i hav ben waiting for kilzone 3 evr since the first rumoor came up! id do anything for a code! Killzone is the best game series and i would giv valuble and true feedback to GG! Please im begging!

  • dude i can’t wait for the release of Killzone 3.I absolutely loved Killzone 2’s story, gameplay , and especially the online(witch i fucking rocked at).I also bought the Playstation move simply because i heard Killzone was going to be compatible.

  • Lemanrush

    Im excited because i’ve played KZ2 a lot and i need something new, something different from the last estatement

  • Deadzone-Killzone


  • WinChest

    Why wouldn’t I be excited? I wanna relive all the brutal, gritty, and oh so satisfying Killzone battles of yesteryear.

  • KillZone2

    I am excited for killzone 3 because killzone 2 was the best game I have ever played and i cant wait for 3. I spent over 59 days of playtime in kz2 and it would be great if I could get to try kz3 beta, because I am going crazy for it and cant wait. Hope I win

  • Lemanrush

    Killzone 3 beta would be awesome because i most likely will not live until the actual release date due to terminal illness. Also, Killzone 3 will be stunning.

  • angels3785

    I am really excited for killzone 3!!!!!!!!!!! I would really LOVE to get a code if I didnt get one I…I….I Idont know what I’d do!!!! Probably this VVV
    ………………………… ……..__………………… ………………………
    ……………………….. ,-~*`¯lllllll`*~,……… …………………………. ..
    …………………..,-~*`l llllllllllllllllllllllllll¯ ;`*-,…………………….. ……….
    ………………,-~*lllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll*-,…………………. …………
    ……………,-*lllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll.\…………….. ……… …….
    ………….;*`lllllllllllll llllllllllllll,-~*~-,llllllllll llllllllll\……………….. …………
    …………..\llllllllllllll lllllllllllll/………\;;;;lll lllllllll,-`~-,……………. ……… ..
    ……………\lllllllllllll llllllll,-*………..`~-~-,… (.(¯`*,`,…………….. ………
    …………….\llllllllllll ,-~*…………………)_-\.. *`*;..)…………………… ..
    ……………..\,-*`¯, *`)…………,-~*`~………. ……/…………………
    ………………|/…/…/~ ,……-~*,-~*`;…………… ./.\………………
    ……………../…/…/… /..,-,..*~,.`*~*…………… .*…\……………..
    …………….|…/…/…/ .*`…\…………………… …)….)¯`~,…………. …..
    …………….|./…/…./. ……)……,.)`*~-,………. ../….|..)…`~-,………….
    ……………/./…/…,*`- ,…..`-,…*`….,—……\.. ../…../..|………¯“`* ~-,,,,
    ……………(……….)`* ~-,….`*`.,-~*.,-*……|…/. …/…/…………\……..
    …………….*-,…….`*- ,…`~,..“.,,,-*……….|.,* …,*…|…………..\……. .
    ……………….*,…….. .`-,…)-,…………..,-*`… ,-*….(`-,…………\…….
    ………………….f`-,… ……`-,/…*-,___,,-~*….,-* ……|…`-,……….\……. .

  • Jebus

    I am trying post a reply but can’t because of the trillions of desperate dans I mean I am looking forward to Killzone 3 because killzone was the best game i ever had. Also I once had a pet and I loved him very much, I fed him 3 times a day and he became my best friend! we went everywhere together; New Sun, Visari Palace, Radec Academy, Corinth River, The bathroom… everywhere! He knew the coolest tricks too, he could shake hands, roll over, solve complex quartic equations, read posts on forums which should really be split up into numerous paragraphs… the lot. He really was the best pet anyone could ever ask for… even better than that one out of the Simpsons. He even had a really weird colour pattern to him, he was little darker than chocolate but slightly lighter than a guiness poo with red eyes… almost like some sort of reverse panda whose primary goal in life is to silently judge others. Not too divergent from this post. We spent 2 and half long eventful years together each more wonderful than the last, until that fateful day occured. I remember It clearly, the painful image burned into my mind. Snow was falling outside… It was his favourite weather, he rushed out before I had chance to close the door. Flakes melting into his now sodden helmet, his tiny legs rushing through the snow…It was clear…. he was too tired to go on anymore, it was too late for him now, he looked back at me…. and knew there was nothing i could do. So along came Scrawlfix and took him away. Anyway his name was Killzone 3 beta code and I demand he be returned to me at once

  • Sumtynnaztee

    I need to get in this beta for one reason only…… black ops will never quench my FPS thirst!

  • RogueM99

    I would love to get in the Killzone 3 Beta. My favorite aspect in the game is the brutality of the combat and the Sci Fi setting. I’ve played Killzone 1, 2 and will be playing 3 in February. Good luck all.

  • PangPang20

    Helghast ate my dog, now I’m angry.

  • CrimsonFox13

    I’m excited to delve more into the background of the Helghast. They said we’d see more of their everyday lives. I want to see that many of them aren’t just 2D villains, but real, well-rounded characters. It might be a stretch, but that’s what I want to see.

    I also can’t wait to see if we’ll have tanks in multiplayer. If not, I’ll be sneaking around as an Infiltrator. ;)

  • dawq112

    Why? IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION!? Come on, its killzone! Killzone 2 was jaw dropping, AMAZING! Killzone 3 with its jet packs = Twice as amazing as the first! Plus, 3D!!! Killzone 3 is an actual REAL FPS with a REAL STORY and REAL ACTION! I am not even buying Call of Duty Black Ops.. I would LOVE to get my hands early on Killzone 3! Please give me a code!!! :)))))

  • Sumtynnaztee

    One reason only….. black ops will never quench my FPS thirst….

  • Perception1

    Alright I didn’t wanna have to do this but… Look im dying for a code alright, and I don’t wanna have to get physical with any of you. My suggestion? Just hand over the code and everyone walks away without problems :-D

    but on a serious note, I loved Killzone 2, I still haven’t sold it yet and it would be crazy to get in to the Killzone 3 beta so I can teach some other beta players how to really play :P

  • javier4mg

    i would love to get the beta code as much or maybe even more than the rest of all these people. i have been a playstation fan since the begging i never had any other console besides the playstation and the gameboys. when xbox came out i saw and looked intrested but when i saw the ps2 i just laughed at it . when i was a kid and dident have ps2 online and i had killzone and my cousin had killzone who lives in washington and i in california pretended to be like as if we were online playing beach head and me and my cousin talked on the phone creating code names for the certain places in the map if we were to ever get it online for example the long path in the left was called devils hallway hahah our imagination went crazy with the rest of the areas killzone was my fav game when i saw the ps3 i said i better start saving up and i did and bought it when i saw the trailer for killzone 2 on i was speechless full of excitement and when it came out i got it the first day and played all day with my friend and we got the #1 players of the week trophy and we were beasting eastlake mosh group was my squad and we played it like crazy but when i saw the ending for killzone 2 was even more speechless than the first damn rico haha but i cant wait for the third the graphics are incredible and its great they are bringing the vechiles to online to create a little more of a challange and the classes i love i was just kind of sad in the seound one where the guns dident have its secoundary shoot like the helghast main had a built in shotgun and isa a grenade launcher and now im hearing kz3 will have coop people i cant wait it shouldeve have been in the secound but they said it was to late hopefully they will put this game and resistance 3 are going to be epic hopefully u will send me the code to get on it now

  • javier4mg

    and will the codes be sent through email or message cause then anyone can take it to the person u r sending it to my email is [email protected]

  • KillzoneFanatec

    I’m sorry if I posted too much stuff :S.

    I bought Killzone 2 in the first week that it released. I was looking for a new FPS game to play that seemed as good as the other big boys, after following reviews, I reeled in a masterpiece.

    Killzone 2 marked the end of floaty FP shooters for me, and the beginning of skill! I played Killzone 2 to death, listening to jams with custom soundtrack support while blasting noobs. I could never understand why people complained about the realistic controls and feel. I grew to love them, I love simulations so no surprise there :P

    Killzone 3 marks the end of my social life, but the beginning of my virtual life. I will now build a machine that can buy food, cook, and clean for me, a Wife-droid (Similar to the Medics Medi-droid in KZ3) , if you will. I will then seat myself in a lazyboy and drink soda while eating chips at the same time. Blasting noobs will be my job.

    All jokes aside. For the past 3 weeks all I could do is search Killzone 3 in the news section of google, click on every Killzone 3 link to a video I could find. (Coincidentally I tried to explain to my 24 year-old brother how great Killzone 3 is, he got the message with a, surprise, VIDEO! lol) I’ve watched every video, I’ve asked multiple people to party up if I get the beta, I love communicating with a team in my squad with the Squad Priority Headset channel! I’m sad to hear the weighty controls go, but I’ve read they kept the feel through changes to the camera. My friend said he tried the beta in Pre-Alpha, he said he died alot because he kept looking at the environments, I want to experience deaths like this! I’d love to die from a brutal melee attack! Or a large mech from KZ2, or from an accurate shot from the new red dot sights, or a jetpack’s gun, etc, the list goes on. I already plan to buy KZ3, but I’d love to help in a small way with the development of one of my favourite experiences.

    My point is, I would like to participate in the beta for KZ3 because I married KZ2 and I’m about to marry KZ3 in, oh… we’re planning on February (lol)… And I wanna contribute to the game that I know and love.

    Sorry for writing so much. IN THE NAME OF KILLZONE!

    • ELITE H 23

      um yea hello everyone im ELITE just here to say that would like to have the beta code …noo need to write too much everyone on this thread knows how kickass this game going to be ..i got killzone 2 and it was pretty nice ..KILLZONE 3 WILL ROCK ..PSN ID …KILLZONELITE… THANKS

  • cjvzla

    im exited because its the first time the franchise has my attention and it would be great to know if the exitement is gonna be worth it..CODE PLEASE xD

  • Grant1893

    I’m so excited because Killzone 2 took me completely by surprise. Because of the hype, I didn’t expect to be that great, but to my amazement, it became my favorite multiplayer game of all time. Now, Killzone 3 is coming, and it’s fixing everything that wasn’t quite perfect in KZ2.

    I haven’t had much new to play in a while because of some financial problems. Having this would make my week.

  • jonoc33

    would love a beta key :)

  • Magris

    I had sex with Killzone.

    And I want to continue to have sex with Killzone.

    • Tact1cian

      I love KZ. MY KZ2 total play time : 1300+ hours. KZ3 BETA KEY PLEASE

  • snoopyblue

    Man i hope i get a key ive been waiting for the beta for a while now.

  • cronic

    I am so excited for Killzone 3 because I want a new challange because I have played the guts out ot Killzone 2. I would love a code!!!

    • jambi

      My people have suffered enough from the human scum!! I will lead them to victory and eradicate the plague that is ravaging our dear planet HELGHAN!!! they think that taking the war away from their homes and into ours gives them advantage? how wrong are they, here where we thrived, where we have survived, adapted, and flourished!! they shall know the strength of of our arms!! they shall know the taste of defeat!!! THEY SHALL KNOW THE GLORY OF HELGHAN!!!!!

  • twisterjamz

    I excited for this because of the inclusion of the jet packs and also because I can play with the playstation move and my 3d tv with killzone 3

    • torX

      I am interested in Killzone 3 Beta because after buying Killzone 2 I was greatly disappointed with generic gameplay and not so great visuals. I hope that by having chance to see KZ3 and playing it I can change my opinion on one of PS3 biggest exclusive titles and hopefully change my impression of the franchise.

  • INFAMY31290

    I feel like I don’t necessarily deserve it, but I have been looking forward to this game. Lately all I’ve been hearing is Halo this Cod that. People are starting to forget about quality, and that’s what Sony and Guerilla DELIVER! The game looks phenomenal storywise, and the mp just looks so fun! I mean jetpacks, the weapons, and the settings all work together to get me so thrilled for this game. I actually remember how sad I was they didn’t carry KZ2 at Costco! The mp just looks so upgraded, and I really want to try it out! But, lately my moneys being torn by this gaming season, I would have tried to get a PS+ subscription but I couldn’t. Now you’ve given me a hope, and hopefully it gets fulfilled!

  • ajamfocus

    I would love a killzone 3 beta code

  • EvGar

    I am psyched for Killzone 3, because Guerilla Games has produced some of my most favorite games ever.

    I would thoroughly enjoy the beta.

  • killzoner

    – ive got a helgast emblem tattooed on my shoulder

    – i will play the beta all day every day till GG shut down the servers

    -KZ2 was best game ever and i ready to play the new king in town

    – i’m planning on buying killzone 3 Day 1 no matter what

    – ive played KZ2 almost every day since it released and been dying to give KZ3 a try.

    • masterdz522

      -I love Killzone and have had it for a very long time
      -I will play it every day till the end
      -KZ2 is my favorite shooter of all time
      -I want to test out the new controls
      -I don’t want to watch gameplay videos instead
      -I am getting KZ2 February 22 on midnight if possible
      -I cannot afford to buy the closer shooters such as MOH and CODBO
      -I’ve been playing KZ2. I would be playing it right now if I wasn’t posting this
      -I want to comment to GG to help them improve it and get this game even more perfects than its predecessor
      -My PSN emblem is a helghast
      -My theme is a Killzone 2 theme
      -I cannot afford playstation plus
      -I paid for all of the Killzone 2 map packs
      -I will buy all Killzone 3 DLC
      -GG is the best producer
      -I am psyched
      -The graphics are going to be awesome on my full HD 1080p TV
      -This game is NOT getting enough publicity and I will spread the word to have people buy it and I will invite them over to take turns playing
      -I will be googling this game every day until release

  • Fast1195

    I am looking forward to playing the amazing beta that will be killzone 3. I want this beta, because i want to help create the game that has such magnificence and power graphically, and i want to enjoy the sheer power of the beta. I know that Killzone 3 will be the biggest fps of all time, and i want to help it reach its full potential. Thank you, please give me a code :)

  • drowned

    I would LOVE a KZ3 Beta code because KZ2 was my favorite shooter of 2009, and KZ3 could only be better. :)


      I have never been in a beta. I only bought killzone 2 recently but since I did I have been nothing short of hooked on the game and my friends and I play constintly and now they have codes…so feeling a bit left out :D
      Could I please be givin a code? I would realy love it.

  • MidnytRain

    Im excited because Killzone is the pinnacle of skill and competition. It is lovingly and masterfully crafted to be THE shooter to beat on virtually every level. Its atmosphere is an astonishing mix of sci-fi futurism and retro-grittiness that no game has yet matched. Top that off with graphics that no developer has been has had the resources or talent to draw from the PS3 combined with pushing the single-player to a whole new level of epicness and you get a game that pushes boundaries on every front, which other console owners can only envy. I couldn’t ask for a better gaming experience than to ENTER THE KILLZON3.

    • mike0804

      I was in a trance playing Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition last Tuesday, and didn’t notice the PlayStation store had been updated for 20 minutes. I downloaded the Killzone 3 theme, but apparently wasn’t one of the first 5,000 US PlayStation Plus subscribers to do so. So, I didn’t get an email yesterday with a beta key.

      I nearly won a beta key some small video game blog was giving away on twitter earlier today. I entered the code a few seconds after the tweet with the key was posted. A Killzone 3 Beta Website Access prompt showed up on my screen. Success! Or so I thought… I clicked Continue, and a Killzone 3 Beta (Product Voucher) prompt came up. Then, I clicked Continue, which brought me to a Terms of Service confirmation prompt. Next, I clicked Confirm, only to see… An error has occurred. (80023102) :( It seems that the brief inner celebration of my assumed victory allowed another follower to sprint past me and blast through the confirmation prompts into the beta.

      Receiving a beta key from you guys that I could calmly redeem without having to worry about keyboard competing in a free-for-all with nearly 200 twitter followers would make my entire week.

  • Amcj001

    i like killzone 3 because is the best first person shotter and i have 3D tv and i realy want to try it and i hope be the one and thanks

  • ijdow


    and i’m not saying that because the majority of all the ps3 lovers say it. it takes a little time if you play CoD 24/7 cos the controls and movements are slightly different. it’s awesome.

    you should play it. don’t let your son get all the fun!!! lol

    im the biggest KZ fan and i need a code please!

  • tobrown

    After the dissappointment that was Halo Reach, I know for sure Killzone 3 will own the first person shooter genre. Massive robots and jetpacks the way they should be played. Plus I want to be able to experince move control too

  • amr aly

    i have been waiting for the beta for along time and i’m so excited about it scrawlfx ur one of the best sources ihave been looking on every site but with no luck so please pick me ur the best

  • TerraZet

    I’m excited for Killzone 3 because of the goddamn vehicles, aiming fix, move support and the graphics, I love the chaos in the Killzone 2 Multiplayer mode it really makes it feel like I’m in a war and I hope number 3 continues this, Just fantastic.

  • stevephx

    I loved Killzone 2, I really want to try the Killzone 3 beta because I was hooked on the Killzone 2 multiplayer. I want to see how much more balanced and better Killzone 3 is.

  • awesomerex

    I’m excited for killzone 3 because I played killzone 2 but didn’t like it that much but I want to replay it and I never got a good experience so I’m excited to reexperience it and im also excited for better graphics and for it to be the best shooter of 2011.

  • Takoulya

    I’m extremely excited for Killzone 3 due to many reasons.

    I love the hardcore gameplay of Killzone. It requires tactics and skills to win in multiplayer, rather than just reflexes.

    I’m also transfixed by the settings of the game. The gritty feel along with the real feeling of war makes this game extremely atmospheric.

    The fact that Killzone 3 will be more story-intensive is making me anticipate Killzone 3 even more because I’m a huge story buff.

    I like the amount of variety they are putting in Killzone 3 including the new guns, the vehicles and the new progression system in multiplayer.

    The graphics are also stunning in Killzone 3, possibly the best graphics on a console yet.

    With new brutal melee animations, cover to cover slides, insane effects, Killzone 3 is shaping up to have the most immersive experience yet.

    I would love to get the Killzone 3 Beta not just to have fun with it, but also to provide GG with feedback in order to make the game even better.

  • amr aly

    i have been waiting for the beta for along time and i’m so excited about it scrawlfx ur one of the best sources ihave been looking on every site but with no luck so please pick me ur the best

  • amr aly

    i have been waiting for the beta for along time and i’m so excited about it scrawlfx ur one of the best sources ihave been looking on every site but with no luck so please pick me ur the best gotta play it

    • thegood

      i’m tired of being brainwashed by call of duty. if any game can snap me out of it it’s killzone 3. HELP!!!

  • trinigamer4life

    Killzone 2 has been the only FPS I’ve ever felt comfortable playing without getting motion sickness after a few minutes. The weighty controls that alot of people complained about was a blessing to me. It made me able to actually play a FPS and now I don’t dislike them as much as before. Therefore, I’ve been playing almost every night since I got it (about 1 month after release) and haven’t stopped. Unless..
    If I finally get this beta, it will mean alot since it will be a continuation of my best game with alot of very cool changes and upgrades, it will be my first beta and I’ll be able to contribute greatly with my veteran experience.

    • 50437

      my mate is teasing e with his xbox 360 crysis 2 beta and i am showing offf killzone 3 beta thrugh them 20 od videsuploaded on utube … i want to play and then explain to hoim the power of ps3 … get him hooked on to killzone series like myself .. Killzone 3 will dethrone Crysis 2 graphics wise

  • amr aly

    so exicted ur giving achance to win killzone 3 beta ur the best

  • tonyg6996

    I’m excited for the beta more than no other! I’ve been waiting for the new KIllzone for a long time (I was a Killzone 2 fanatic, but my disc stopped working) and I can’t wait to try out all the new stuff. The Jet Packs, the new class system etc. It all looks amazing. So please send me a beta key, I don’t think I can wait any longer!

  • jason3

    Well I’ve tried many sites and contests and failed at them all u_u

    So I’m hoping for the best here.

    I’ve been a Killzone fan ever since the first game, I loved Killzone 2 as well and everything they have shown about KZ3 makes me think it will be no different in terms of quality. Besides, mechs and jetpacks!! what could go wrong? xD

  • S1yce

    gotta love the new jetpacks! please let me into the beta!!!

    • edd9012

      I have played all the killzone games ever since the first one came out , and i loved when i saw that amazing trailer of killzone 2 , i was excited that they were making a sequel and now that the third game im even more excited and cant wait to play it , thats why i ask you to please give me this code! i will thank you forever!! “XD” . I also want to say that i will provide feedback so that this game turns out to be bettter than what it already is.

      Thank you for giving us a chance to win a beta code i look forward to winning this .

      email= [email protected]

  • sbains

    KZ3 is my favorite FPS right after Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I am looking forward to new weapons and trying out the jetpacks – I need to unleash my wrath on some more Helghans!!

  • zaingasm

    I’ve been signing up for contests all over the web, been trying to do the “first to enter codes on PSN gets it!”and other things like twitter contests and such. I am a BIG fan of the Killzone Games, since game 1! I still play Killzone 1+2 every week. I would love if you guys picked me to test Killzone 3. :D

  • ar

    My grand pa will love to do some pew pew on his birthday … he loves KZ

  • bLaNkEt

    Yo- I Need that beta i Dld the theme in minutes and still got snubbed i have over 1000 hrs of kz and need that beta

  • NFLplaya01

    i cant wait to try out killzone…ive been playing killzone 2 forever now and i have patiently waited for 3. ive tried to get into the beta by buying ps+ just for it but didnt get the theme in time so had to cancel it…ive tried everywhere else but no chance. ive been waiting for this game since its been announced. seen every video and picture. this game will justify my purchase of ps3 even more cause the graphics are amazing. cant way to try jetpacks and the mech. im so excited. u guys are awesome for giving a chance like this and i appreciate it if i get a code. thanks

    • NFLplaya01

      the reasons im excited for this game are

    • NFLplaya01

      first off its gonna have jetpacks….amzing zipping around in it raining down death…and mechs (damn fainted when i heard it was in mp) and other vehicles. The classes look more balanced and makes more sense. call of duty cant compare with the amount of balancing and fun in the classes.
      the guns are awesome…check out the wasp and minigun. haha and the badass grenade pistol and shotgun pistol. cant wait to blast ppl with it. the new scopes on weapons look tite too. melee kills are awesome. thats wat has me best excited. each kill that u do doesnt feel cheep as cod but gives a satisfaction and fun.
      now graphically………………………………………………………………………….ive got nothing to say other than fall over die amazed. guerilla studios are amazing. sound wise…the guns sound awesome, the music sounds like the tenseness of war and the shouts of ur enemies as they die are awesome and real. animations look awesome even better than the amazing ones in killzone 2

      all i can conclude and say is…guerrilla studios is the most talented studio in the world and next few months is gonna be killzone months if i could get my hands on the beta

  • khaozzer0

    Killzone is just the best…nuff said

  • markitos32

    I´ve waiting for this game for a lot I play K1 in PS2 killzone liberation in PSP and K2 in PS3 I got the 100% trophys of killzone mi PS id is markitos32 check it and of course the max rank in K2 I love this game so please please give me a code please pleaseeeee!!!!

  • ilovekillzoneftw

    First off, I signed up for this site, because I love killzone that MUCH. so I could hopefully win this code. I use to play the first one almost 24/7 it was my favorite ps2 game. And I waited so long for the second killzone to come out and when it did I was so happy and bought a PS3 just for that game. Playing it with realistic controls, and realistic graphics and the gameplay and the story everything about it was so interesting.

    I am so excited for killzone 3, being the fact that you can use playstation move and play the game in 3D. I am going to buy PS move just for this game and a 3D tv so i can get the most out of my favorite fps game series.

    I signed up on so many sites hoping and praying I could win a code, I hope you see how much I would love to play the beta of this game, truly I would put it to good use and seriously help out gorilla games with any problems I notice in the beta, so we can have the best PS3, no the best CONSOLE game in history :)

  • Killustrious

    Killzone 3 is seemingly shaping out to be the best installment in my favorite FPS franchise of all-time.

    I’ve been a rabid Killzone fan since the first game was released in November 2004. Many hyped it with the silly label of “Halo-killer” and were let down once it was released. I, however, was satisfied greatly. Sure, it had a fair share of bugs and glitches, but once I watched the intro movie of Visari’s speech, I knew I was gonna love it.

    And here I am now, 6 years and two additional Killzone games (KZ: L and KZ2) later trying every possible thing I can do to get into the KZ3 BETA.

    My point is, Killzone 3 is easily my most anticipated FPS game of all-time. I’ve grown to the point where whenever I so much as think of February 22nd coming, I become all giddy with excitement like a little school girl getting her first Barbie playhouse.

    I don’t intend to sit here and beg for a BETA code because quite frankly, that’s not my style. But, if I was given a code to contain my excitement until the release date, I don’t think I would ever love and appreciate anyone more than you folks at Scrawl. ;)

    Thanks <3

    • killa.sam

      I am a KZ fan. I would love to provide you with feedback if I can trial this game.

  • Dantes Villa

    Out of the myriad of “realistic” games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield which have gone the arcade shooter route, Killzone is the only one which maintains its gritty tone and realism through its visuals, which are the best I’ve seen on consoles so far, and its weighty physics that make the hollow character models feel as if they have flesh in them.
    I’ve been a proud clan leader in Killzone 2, leading my team through many battles. Now, I cannot wait to test Killzone 3 and provide the best of feedback I can so that the multiplayer for Killzone 3 shall reign over all the worthless shooters polluting this world. I will be dedicated to using the beta to further the quality of the game, and not simply for personal enjoyment as that of a demo or preview.
    In 2007, I sent an email to Guerilla Games, recommending that they should implement a melee system in Killzone 2 that would link together combos ala Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, so that it would stand out a bit from generic shooters. Now, I see that the inclusion of this system in Killzone 3 may actually have been a result of my single email, and, regardless, I can’t wait to try out the feature that was possibly my doing!

  • krazyoverkill

    I don’t have a good reason just give me a code or I’ll tell my mom.

  • Seawolf38

    Well I never intended to play KZ 1 honestly. Then one day my friend told me to and I tried it. I was instantly hooked. I need to know how this story ends. Forget about Halo and its story. This story is probably one of the best stories in gaming ever. Between the story and the amazing game play, the KZ series is one of my favorites. I can’t wait for KZ3 and I really hope I get a chance to play the beta before it comes out.

  • bb_king

    I am excited but I love the killzone universe and have not really indulged in a fps on the ps3 since killzone 2. Modern Warfare 2 and bad company 2 were cool but I needs me some killzone. I just love the atmospheric elements of that game. Simply amazing!

    • t3ds

      I’m excited because it’s my birthday and I’d love to play in the killzone 3 beta. I got Killzone on the PS2 on release date and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m sick of Modern Campfare and I want to help make KZ3 the best multiplayer of ALL TIME

  • happyhornet

    the thing i like the most about killzone 2 was its multiplayer. I like the big warzone battles where there was at least 30 players. Most warzone lobbies would switch gametypes about 10 – 20 minutes depending on hosts’ settings. So that if you weren’t particuarly good at one gametype you could find your groove in the classes and its loadouts, and achieve your goals in the next gametype. And if all else fails on to the next round, you could also sneak your way on the winning team… but I would never do that….. I just farted a little. Anyways, I put in more than 400 hrs in the multiplayer before i moved on, got hyped about KLZ3 and started playing again. I also participated in various betas such as halo3, socom confrontation, red faction guerilla, battlefied: bad company, COD4, warhawk, and thats all i could remember as im typing this. I have put hundreds of hours in EACH of these betas, as my current status is wake up, take a shower, eat, and play video games all day and night. So it seems it would be wise, I get a beta code so it would not be wasted on other people who would not test out the game as much as me. Thank You for reading my plea, and i hope Kristen Bells’ Vagina graces one of us here on the wonderful website, and R.I.P Hobo the 2 legged clown dog who would go days on end just by a bearded lady feeding him water… TOODLES!!!!

  • Terrorinureyez

    Well, not to brag but I’m raising a future gamer and he is totally into shooters. He’s only three but he loved watching Killzone 2 so Killzone 3 will blow him away. What’s not to love about the use of jetpacks, great cinematics AND the use of 3D plus the move controller. Holy monkeyballs, my son will blast on those Helghast asses when it comes out and he will feel like he’s really in the game playing, if we let him of course. Even watching the gameplay will rock us to our core. Getting a beta code would be like getting the best christmas present ever

  • killzoneboss

    Is there a reason not to want the Killzone 3 beta?
    If your answer was no then you are a certified killzoneboss…
    It rocks my socks and I want in

  • brk7894

    To tell u the truth I hated killzone 2 because the control sucked. I couldn’t get into it. One thing that was good about killzone 2 was it’s multiplayer. I am exited for killzone 3 because I want to know wether or not the devolper listened to their fans and fixed the controls.

  • Midgar

    Killzone 2 was one of the most fun online multiplayer experiences that I’ve ever had, maybe even the greatest FPS experience I’ve ever had. The game was an absolute blast to play, so I’m very excited for Killzone 3 so I can see what Guerrilla has done to further their formula.

  • brk7894

    I know everone will be saying killzone 2 was their favorite game and can’t wait for 3. But to tell the truth I hatEd killzone 3. I am exicted for killzone 3 because I Want to find out weather or not the devolpers listened to their fans and fixed the problem.

  • brk7894

    killzone 3 because I Want to find out weather or not the devolpers listened to their fans and fixed the problem.

  • Captain_Holliday

    aw man i really want that beta please a fan from killzone 1 & 2 n killzone liberation for psp…. plz help out a fan

  • johucoba

    I’m excited for Killzone 3 because from what i’ve seen, it takes the best from other first person shooters out there, and makes them better. Not to mention the graphics look TOP NOTCH.

  • IPwnFools

    Why am I excited? The question should be, “What is there to not be excited by”. You can give the beta code to someone that begs for it and ends up playing an hour. Or you can give it to someone like myself who will not only have great entertainment with it, but also post bugs/impressions on my website as well as the KZ3 forums. I have put in 120 hours into KZ2 (don’t believe me? Check arthuri1994) and that’s where I started gaming heavily. Killzone is my baby. When I noticed the changes as I tried it at E3, I was blown to blow city. I want a chance to experience the best FPS this generation before it releases and help the devs make a better choice. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Back4Revenge

    I want to experience the amazing and atmospheric multiplayer that was in the second one with all the new improvement that are in this one. Its going to be great fun!

  • KillzoneFanatec

    How are you guys going to read all these? Mine is on page 4 and I posted about 2 hours ago :S It’s funny though, please read it :P

  • spacecowboy7798

    Wazzup u gods of gaming ! I am spacecowboy7798 and i would really dig the chance to play the next best seller KZ3. Even if I dont get to play it thanx for the chance i think it is very cool when u give back to the fans .

  • jukeboxzer0

    Alright, well there is a slim chance ill get picked but i might as well tell you why im excited about killzone 3. The game is so beautiful. When i first played kz2 in hi-def, surround sound it blew me away. Not only was it ae

  • Ron

    I’ve seen some of the gameplay and I have to say what I’m most excited about is the presentation. Specifically the audio. The graphics are excellent, but after KZ2 thats to be expected. The audio is just incredible though. That combined with the graphics could really create an atmosphere for the game. The snow levels? Potentially the Hoth of gaming. Combined with the 3D, it’ll be like you’re there in person.

  • scottd4571

    Never have been in on a beta so that would be the first cool thing.

    Just cant wait to see everything thats changed. They really listen to the fans, theres just more,more,and more. From the vehicals, buying the weapones u want for your class, now 45 ranks instead of 15, then the 3 tear class special abilitys
    Theres the passive upgrades for all classes to armor, health, you can start partys now and your party members voices will be louder than others. Come one whats not to be excited about.
    All i know is thank god for ppl like you giving out betas to the rest of us that dont have playstation plus! Hope who ever gets it really enjoys it.
    Thanx have a great day.

    • sporge89

      Im very excited for killzone 3 because it really has great potential to be the next best thing in online gaming since call of duty,,and perhaps a true halo killer .

  • sky-rocketed77

    I rlly rlly want a beta code…iv’e been trying so many different ways but i can never find 1…this game has been on my mind evr since it was announced and i wuld rlly appreciate it if u guys culd help me enter this beta..please!!

  • KZ3FTW

    I can not wait for Killzone 3!! There is no doubt that this game will be game of the year!! The reason I am so excited for Killzone 3 Is because of the graphics, the gameplay, multiplayer, single player, changes from killzone 2, and of course 3D!!! I havn’t been so excited for a game in a while! I really want to get my hands on this beta please. I will give great feedback and i would love to try out Killzone 3 early. Thanks.

  • sky-rocketed77

    I rlly appreciate u guys helpin us leftovers lol…makes me feel like i have a chance now :)…good luck 2 whoevr gets chosen…i hope i do

    • Harutoa

      I would love to get this beta Ive been keeping up with getting the Killzone 3 beta since August, and I still haven’t got it. I even downloaded the theme with no luck and didn’t get it. PLZ SEND ME THE BETA!

  • gaara

    i love kill zone and i am dying to play it iam excited to play it because the gameplay de clases weapons to see the new lobby and machmaking plz i will love to play it thank you very much

  • gaara

    my email [email protected] plzzz i beg u let me try the beta plz :(

  • ozbendigo

    can i please have a beta key? I have been spending all day trying to get one from giveaways and so far no luck!

  • holy shit this is the fist time iv’e seen a hundred comment in mere minutes O_O

    i would love to have some beta keys too ^^

  • dylan-p-

    i love killzone because its the GREATEST GAME EVER MADE. i have all of the games and the third reservered. i recently purchase ps plus prior to the – 19th of october for the soul reason of getting the beta! i havent receieved it. ive singed up for every other beta giveaway and have wasted the last three hours of my life trying to win a beta of a 1up giveaway on twitter. i still have received no beta. I have a move and i am extremely exited for this game. i have done everything i can to get the beta, even wasted 20 dollars on plus, if i dont get the beta i will be so sad hahah. so please, let me have the beta !

  • dylan-p-

    & because kilzont is the F^ing greatest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tennis9z9

    The cake is a lie.

  • brownstain

    I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube and this honestly looks like the most polished adrenaline filled FPS I’ve seen in a long time I’m soooo excited to play the mulitplayer and I’m hoping on getting a beta key

  • Jerardo_H

    I need this !! Im not willing to pay 50 for Psn+ -___- Hope i get a beta code though :D

  • seinfeld1027

    Hello i am super exictedto get a killzone 3 beta code but i tried about 3 different beta code give aways and havent gotten a code yet so im hoping that i could win a code here please.

  • seinfeld1027

    beta code please

    • bigal69

      if i get it i can show my friends what the game of the year will look like because they all have the rubbish machine called the xbox

  • Tariz

    Killzone is one of the most fun shooter series out there to me. The 2nd best out there to me other than Battlefield. I’m excited about all the new game modes like Guerilla Warfare, but I read it was like a 24 hour team deathmatch? So I wanna see how that works.

  • grajasekar

    I love killzone cos of the story and the wonderful vibe of war it gives. When playing online, this is one game that isn’t too fast like COD or too slow like BFBC2. The classes are divided perfectly, the graphics are very very good. And it’s one game that made me buy a console to play it. Seriously, KZ2 was something that made me purchase the PS3 and I’d bloody well love to get my hands on the KZ3 beta to see whether the awesomeness has remained and gotten even better. I really want to try out the mech suit and jetpack and the new melee too.

    I also think that I can serve as a valuable beta tester for any FPS, as I’ve always been active in beta tests for stuff like BFBC2 and MOH and what not and sent in constructive comments and opinions that help the devs refine the game before it’s released. Besides that’s the real purpose of a beta, not just for the fun of it.

    Here’s hoping I win. Cos I really have nothing else to play. That’s what being a poor grad student does to u haha.

  • joeydoodle

    It’s taking everything awesome from any game created since kz2 and making it better in this game. There’s aim assist and the graphics are supposed to be crazy awesome. I want a code so bad. Hopefully people actually use mics on this game.

  • dnlkk94

    I’d really like to get one of these codes because I have been a huge fan of the Killzone series for quite a while now. The games are amazing graphically and have great atmosphere; they really set the mood. Music is definitely top notch as well. And who can forget the gameplay? Definitely unique and stands out from the huge mass of FPS’s on the market today.

    Killzone 3 is definitely my most anticipated game of 2011, and I would be honored to be able to beta test the game so that I can participate in making it an even better game by sending in bug reports and feedback. :)

  • phrank-n-stein

    excited because i loved the 1st 2 games… and its only getting better… i think the 3D mode coming to this game is awesome!!!!

  • FrozenBananas

    Hi! Ive been trying everything to get a code for the past 3 days, as i missed the ps+ wallpaper (grrr). Ive entered several giveaways and been unsucessfull so i hope you guys can help me out. I love Killzone and betas, so overall,I”M DYING WITHOUT THIS!!! Please help me i will love your site forever! Thanks for the Opportunity!!

  • Jrukia

    I want one


      It would be the greatest day in the world if you could hook up the King with a beta code. The beta test can’t be complete without some good old teabagging. So please help gg and sony by finding it in your hearts to please send the Teabagking a beta code so I can give the beta a good test. Thank you THE KING

  • AlexanderJJJ

    It looks like the one of the best FPS games ever this 2011. I would do anything for it if you know what I mean ;)

  • JayShawn

    Hey, guys!

    I have been a fan of Killzone since 2004.
    I love Guerilla Games for developing such amazing FPS’.
    Also, I love the fact that it is specifically published by Sony Entertainment.
    There certainly are not many FPS that come close to how great the Killzone franchise has been.
    I have a lot of respect for Mathijs de Jonge and Neil Alphonso for creating a game as amazing as Killzone 2.
    Anyways, I would love a beta code, if there are any left!
    If not, then I shall of course just wait until February.

    Thanks! :D

  • Buster Bunny

    Hi. I’m new here and I’ve been following Killzone 3 for a long time. I didn’t get the chance to get it yesterday for the Playstation Plus event. I have all the Original Killzones and all in mint condition. I have youtube channel with over 200,000 subscribers and if I was able to obtain a beta, I would make sure to tell everyone about this website. I really want this, please! Killzone 3 Beta….

  • LeroyJenson1

    I am a teacher and love gaming. I have been waithing for the beta for some time to come out. All of my kids would be so mad if I got one. Im tired of playing MAG and did not like the new MOH. I would help improve one of the best games to be!

  • teslatron

    I have Play kz2 since it came out and actually i still play it, i work in a coffee shop so ill deff have cafeine in my boddy to keep me up and playing…. lol….
    plus i attended to near by turnements, and gamebattles.ocm turnements.

    As a good player im shure to provide plenty of intel, and provide KZ the information of any bugs in the game or gliches as so called.

    The funny and cool thing i have allreaddy fully paid for the game in one of the best store name PLAY&TRADE.

    Chose me and ill fully make shure to enjoy and have fun in the game but must important report any problems with the game so wen it come out we can all enjoy it with no bugs in it :) my email is [email protected]

  • Crixus

    IBEcause ive been trying to get a killzone 3 beta code in every single contest.

    I spent 5 hours today waiting for twitter to freaking update and still didnt get a code.

    AND i just registered on your website.

  • Andeh

    Hudless. Jetpack. Awesomeness.

    I really enjoyed KZ2, especially after the first one was so-so and I’m betting on KZ3 really knocking it out of the park for the series. Plus ScrawlFX <3

  • killzonerz1

    I want to try out the jetpack!

  • kmai

    I’d like to contribute to testing the game (after all it’s still a beta) but I’m pretty sure this game is going to be overwhelming to kz1 & 2 players.. and will catch new players too!

    I personally don’t own any killzone games but I’ve played ’em and they are AMAZING.

    Just the fact of having the honour and enjoying this anxiety would make me a great kz3 player

  • christian91

    yo thats pretty nice of you guys,i hope i get in cause melee looks sick in that game.

  • Because i have a awsome name i mean who cares if i just made the account and i haven’t played killzone 2 and loved it like every one else that are just saying that to suck up but yea please gimmee the code!!!..

  • blitz0623

    I have never been a FPS lover… that is until KZ2 came out. When KZ2 came out I didn’t have any intention of buying it. My friend told me to give it a try, 1 month later I get a red ribbon for being in the top 1% for a week. In short, I couldn’t stop playing.

    I saw some KZ3 videos and I have to say the game looks solid and amazing. I have always been an RPG lover, but I’ve never felt this kind of excitement on any game besides KZ3. I can hardly wait for it. Every video I see just makes me want to try it, and this Beta is a great opportunity for me. Jetpacks ftw!

  • chrischris292

    I just learned about this website today off google and this is BY FAR the best game news site ever…and no im not trying to suck up for the beta code….maybe…..
    anyways it would be really cool if you gave me one. My douchebag “friend” got one off these giveaways and i need something to rub in his face.

    • Heijii85

      It’s hard to come up with a single reason why I would want to play KZ3 Beta. I’ll have a triple Killzone with fries please /o/

  • DeadEyedMask

    Do you mind picking me please? (for a Killzone 3 code) Thanks :)

  • karkum320

    I would love to have a beta key…



  • in-fi-ni-ty

    I am waiting desperately to try killzone 3. during the time of killzone 2 ‘s release i was apprehensive to try it as i was already into modern warfare 1 and i though nothing could be more entertaining . eventually i tried the mp and i was totally hooked to it. playing online was so much fun . i am so excited about kz3 right now. the videos were so amazing especially the melee combat. its truely evolved from the last game.seldomly do sequels drastically outperform their previous games. kz3 is one of experiecne it before many others is too good .its sad that only selected users are able to try it out. hope i get this code !!
    best of luck to everyone also

  • vsehgal

    i am really excited to test out the new guns (wasp!!!) and of course the jet packs. i would also like to see how far the game has evolved since k2 which i still play till today almost everyday.

    …and because i have a mustache. GG needs some valuable feedback from the stache!

  • XxAREA51-

    I have played and beaten Killzone 1 (PS2) many times, as well as Killzone Liberation (PSP), and Killzone 2 (PS3). I’m a fan of shooters because of Killzone and therefore consider myself a HUGE loyal fan of the Killzone series. I’ve been in a lot of clans (many competitive) in Killzone 2 and played and beaten the game thoroughly with 23+ days of playtime online. I know the flaws and the good things about the game and know what to look for so I REALLY believe that if I get a beta code I will be able to provide honest feedback on how the game can be improved. I’m dying (literally) to get my hands on a code not only because I would like to address flaws in the game (that may be present) but also because I LOVE KILLZONE. My PSN is XxAREA51- and email : [email protected]

    Much love

  • shadyinc510

    Who’s [email protected]$k I gotta suck to get a beta key, lol, nah, I really want to help the beta process, and make this one of the best games for playstation, but seriously….. Who ;)

  • vvncnt

    I’m really excited about the “newness” of this game. I love how everyone is just starting out and everyone is a “noob” again. Going through the adjustments phase and learning the maps. Thats what I’m most excited about! :) I really want to be part of something great. Thank you

    • LeroyJenson1

      ATTENTION……. Pick this one!!! YEA!!!

  • arakouftaian

    Hi, I’m a huge killzone fan and I can’t belive I’m not in he beta jet, I got platinium trophy for killzone 2 and finish killzone 1 many times, this beta means a lot to me and I have been trying like crazy to get in but no luck jet and know you guys are like my last hope and I firing knew about this page untill know and I guess this is why you guys are giving betas away to let people know about this page and you guys will gain huge user and I will love this page if I get in on the killzone beta, it means a lot to me.

  • arakouftaian

    Please this beta means a lot to me and I can’t belive I’m not in it, I’m a huge killzone fan and I’m exited to try the new modes and new maps, of I get in by you guys this will mean a lot to me and this page will gain a new great daily user I guess this is why you guys are giving codes to gain new fans and I hope I become one, killzone means a lot to me and if I get in I will apreciate a lot and became a great fan from this site.

  • arakouftaian

    Oh and btw i forgot to say, you guys can check me on killzone 3 forums im a big part on that community and i even have give over 20 ideas to GG on how to make killzone 3 better that they have use and i can’t belive they did not take their time to invite me a nice user from their community who will actually fgive the right and good feedbacks. to be honest im sad that GG did not invite me but im exitec to get in and try all the new stuff it means a lot to e since i actualy give them few ideas.

  • iBaldie

    I have been a member on since 2007.

    I have every KZ game, a real fan! GG have let me down on their giveaway, and I’m hoping to get one with you guys!


  • xegendary

    Well I bought the PS2 when it first came out along with my first true online game, killzone. I loved the series but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get I to the killzone 2 beta when it frost launched and I was hoping to get into this beta. I’m not really too excited for black ops and since gran truism 5 was delayed again, this is like the only game I can rely on now. Please give me a beta code I almost jizzed my pants when I saw E3 footage of this game in action. Thanks again.

  • KillzoneIsDestiny

    HAhaha, even though I have Playstation Plus 3month subscription, was three hours late to the theme download that was gone within 30minutes and I searched ebay to buy a code lol, tweeted killzonedotcom’s twitter few days back and tweeting IGN’s twitter today. Fact is I still didn’t get into this very awesome beta!!! I’m on my last plea lol. Can I please receive a beta code from you guy’s? I’ll atleast pay you $10 or something. Was worth a shot I guess.

  • xegendary

    killzone was the first definitive multiplayer experience I had when I first bought my PS2. I think the killzone series is the best FPS series on Any console. When killzone 2 came out I wasn’t able to get into that beta so I was really hoping of expressing myself and my love for the series by being able to beta test the game. It killed me a little inside after PlayStation didn’t send me a beta code through email, even after becoming a PlayStation Plus member just to get into some of these betas, therefore this is my last chance. Hope you understand how desperate I am. Thanks again.

  • mad max

    hardcore FPS player (me) + Killzone 3 code = ograzm zone.

    • patou0073

      hi! for me kz2 is the best fps on the ps3. the guns are powerful and very nice, the spirit of the game is very present and different from the other fps.
      then, the games are very very very pleasant by many different objectives theres in ONE game.

      I LOVE KILLZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elchido37

    Hey guys I would love to get the code for killzone 3 beta I even bought plAystaion plus for the code and didn’t even get it . I’m ranked 45 worldwide on killzone 2 killzone is my life please help me and give me a code

  • elchido37

    Hey guys I love killzone 1 and 2 I am ranked 45 in the worldwide and I need a code please I even got plAystaion plus in order to get the code and still didn’t get it please help me;(

  • omnitrio87

    Hi there! I think I deserve a killzone 3 beta as I was in the killzone 2 beta! I have many hours to put in to the testing and am more the willing to provide positive feedback about this game. I have been testing alot lately I did mag, moh, little big planet 2, brotherhood 2 etc. I am also a ps plus user and shad late on downloading beta theme as I was buisy that night :( so please please could I have a beta code it would make me happiest guy alive!!! That would be my Christmas pressant out the way lmfao! Many thanks.

  • omnitrio87

    Have been beta testing alot lately! Had taking part in kz2 beta also! But was not lucky enough with getting code for this beta as I was late downloading the theme :( I have alot time to put into testing this beta and am more the willing to provide positive feed bak to make this game better. A code would make me so happy :) many thanks

  • Nexus_zero

    Played Killzone2 on the day it came out. Had a lot of fun playing single player and multiplayer i even stayed up till 5 am to get my platinum trophy. I’m supper excited about killzone3 and would really like to be part of the beta. Not just so I can play it but to report bugs and problems that might be encountered so Guerrilla Games can fix it and make killzone 3 a awesome multiplayer game that wont have many issues.

  • AmobiuS

    I think Killzone 2 is awesome and from what ive been hearing/seeing it seems 3 is going to be even better. and since i dont have ps plus this is the only way for me to get into the beta.

  • I would like to join the Killzone 3 Beta as I loved Killzone 2, I’m eager to play it’s sequel and to help Guerilla Studios with some feedback. :)

  • jordanako

    I remember organizing dodgeball games in killzone 2 with friends…except instead of dodgeballs we used missiles…Cant wait for epic mech fights! ^^

  • dooge

    Mechs, motion controlled headshots, jet-packs and killin bitches is why I’m excited.

  • cold_onez

    Killzone 2 was the first video game I purchased along with a used playstation 3 I received for Christmas. I still have to live at home because of my health and the only thing I have to enjoy besides trying to get through college to be a teacher is video games. I used to play Killzone 2 day and night I absolutely loved the game and although for awhile it was the only game I ever owned I never got sick of it. I like the Killzone franchise about 300% more than some of the people probably playing the beta right now, and would just like the opportunity to try it out. If you guys choose me I would be seriously grateful.

  • aaron_216

    ok i REALLLLLLY want this beta code, so i am going to give this my absolute all!! here goes nothing!!!

    well i have played EVERY killzone to date (except for the beta) killzone 1, killzone liberation on PSP, and i got killzone 2 DAY 1!! killzone 2 is currently my favourite PS3 game to date, and the story was simply phenominal. the online multiplayer, however, was my favourite part of the game! the 32 player online battle, was on of the most intense, fast-paced action i have ever seen in a mulitplayer game. and saying that is ALOT coming from me, seeing as i got my PS3 early 2007.

    i achieved muliple rank and ribbons in the multiplayer, and i got to the second highest rank (over over 50 000) and adding up to a total of 10 DAYS played online , on multiple of my accounts! i almost got the platinum trophy (those last few were just too hard lol) and i bought ALL of the map packs!!!!! thats how much i loved killzone 2!

    im pretty much the most hardcore fan for killzone 2, and i can not expressive in words, how much i want to play this killzone 3 beta. i even downloaded PS PLUS and downloaded the theme, to TRY AND GET a CODE for killzone 3 beta……and i didnt recieve a code :( i waited on twitter for about 8 hours yesterday for a give away… code :( i tryed an IGN giveaway on twitter and waited around 4 hours… code :(

    so this is my last chance now, a giveaway…the PERFECT opportunity to FINALLY get a killzone 3 beta code!!!

    so please, if you have the heart, would you kindly give the code to me, you have no idea how happy i would be!!!! PLEASE!!! :D
    i hope you make the right decision! :D

  • arbalest410

    i been excited for killzone 3 since i played killzone 2 its a great first person shooter i think Guerrilla Games make a great sinlge player shooter and multiplayer that has it on feel to it instead of feeling like every other genric shooter. So i would love a chance to try out a the killzone 3 beta multiplayer experience.

  • Calvin_ISA

    I would like a Killzone 3 Beta code because I’m a huge fan of the Killzone series. I’ve been playing since the first Killzone, which I still think is my favorite one. I participated in the Killzone 2 Beta and gave feedback to Guerrilla. I played Killzone 2 a lot and have the platinum trophy, and would have platinum’d Killzone 1 over and over. I missed every chance to get into the Killzone 3 Beta, and I’m very eager to get in, so this is my only shot. Good luck to all! :)

  • plumpman

    Killzone 3 looks to top Killzone 2. Such a fun multiplayer experience.

    • TeRRoRBoB

      Give me the beta code because
      1. Everyone else in here is a bk
      2. Every other game is so boring.
      3. Boreeeddddddddd

  • tool-parabola

    I have to join this beta to preview killzone 3 multiplayer for my little tiny ps3 website. as I can not get any support from any devs or Sony, this beta code easily put a big smile on my face. thanks.

  • angy

    Please please please give me the beta code! I loved Killzone 1 and 2, and after watching the videos and reading about this epic sequel, I just wanna play this 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month……..Please…Im begging you!

  • zakou

    Im not only excited for this game, i MUST PLAY IT! lol so if you have a spare key please send me one.

    I play KZ2 and KZ L. on PsP very often and want to try this KZ3 beta if you would.

  • solidsnake

    I am a BIG FAN of KZ1 and KZ2 simply LOVED THEM and so excited for Killzone 3 because:


  • ghost_cz

    The killzone trilogi is best games on PlayStation, with my friend we were play killzone on PS2 and now I play Killzone 2 with clan……
    2 years we waited for next game and now…..Guerilla Games give us KZ3…..

    I love GG

  • sheeprabbit

    Mechs, melees, and jet-packs, OH MY!!!

    i would slaughter a thousand Helghast for a beta code, and rep. scrawl as i did it.

    killzone is my favorite game. help me scrawl, your my only hope.

  • epic_nail

    nuff said.

  • xxvic1ousxx

    The game visually looks better. But, I’m really excited to see how Guerrilla Games has handled the community’s feedback to KZ2.

  • direx

    I want a chance to see how the game looks before all the updates, and if possible contribute to the final product…

  • TruTrini4LYFE

    Wow I didnt know so many assholes use this site….These people would never make a single post in there life about any other thing Scrawl puts up…and all of a sudden everyone shows up for this…

    • twin_shinobi

      twin_shinobi is excited for killzone 3 as killzone 2 was the game we played the most while making our music for our up coming album, It’s literally soundtrack for killzone 2.

      Can we have a beta key please? I’ll give you music for your subs to download.

  • veloxian

    does anyone know how the winners will be informed?

    • kenn92

      I am really excited for killzone 3 the graphics look amazing! I also had one of the top ranks on kz2 which was possibly the best shooter ever. Also the jetpacks look incredible!

  • spelli

    Killzone was the beginning of my “gamer carreer” when I was still a child. I remember that I played it a lot with my father enjoyin so much. Now my father is dead in a car crash, so every time I play killzone (1,2 o 3) I return with my soul when we played together. Thanks for the possibility to win a key. Bye!

  • wesley-dw

    I love killzone 3 because it feels like it has been created by jesus!
    Killzone 1 was great, Killzone 2 was superb, and killzone 3 will be perfect!
    Simply because it feels ‘diffrent’ compared to other shooters.

    Great graphics, ‘weighty’ control ( I know it has been fixed, but they said the weighty feel is still there!), and probally the best online ever!

    Many people want to be in this beta, but 90% of them wont be giving away any feedback.

    I should be in this beta, because i have a very good eye for improvements & bugs.

    Oh yeah, and it is being developed in my country !!

    ([email protected])

  • delta9

    I just want to kill some Higs please! I’m excited because I love that they added vertical gameplay with jetpacks.

  • Starscreamers-19

    I love it because it is in 3D. I like all the new weapons. It’s class system is very well set up. there are whole bunch of new weapons. I am going to pre-order this game definitely. Plzz pick me. P.S. Jetpacks look sooooooooo cool

  • niightzz

    i just want to play the beta simple as im not gonna be a bitch and write paragraphs to persuade you

    • red7ring

      Sal, my name is Cody, and though I haven’t played the Killzone 3 beta, I’m crazy for it. I’ve (jealously) watched my friends play it, I’ve seen most of the people on my friends list with PS+ on that game. To say I want the game would be an understatement, a blasphemous fallacy of the English language. There are no words in the dictionary to describe my need for this game, but I’ll try to express myself. When Killzone 2 came out, I had the game pre-ordered. Within a week, I had beaten the game and unlocked most of the classes online. Within a month and a half, I had achieved the platinum for the game. I was in the top 3% of players for the week, 5 times. I played as an officer in a clan that, while not in the top 100, was VERY successful. I also gave a “tour” of Salamun Market when the enemy team quit out of one clan match, and spun a story that inspired a battle cry used to this day. That cry is “For the Fish Shops!” This isn’t just a game to me. It isn’t just a beta or “something cool” that I can brag I got access to. This, for me, means a whole lot more than I can say. It would be a privilege, an honor to be in this beta. I thank you for the opportunity.

  • Rival_31

    I’m excited for the beta but the only problem is that I need a key. It would make my whole year if I got the code. That’s all I’m asking.

  • DarkKnightBob

    Because “IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!!”

    • stophy821

      because I am very good tester,my psn ID is STOPHY821USA and i am at killzone 2 on 670 possition of all time players…i think i can play and testing beta because i am killzone fan,i have platinum trophy of KILLZONE2 and i like this game !!! please give me a beta key !!!

  • Rival_31

    I can’t wait to try out the beta, the only thing stopping me though is you guys not giving the code to me. :(

  • biglarge67


  • KingKoopa

    I deserve a code simply because I’m awesome, and I know this game will be awesome, so we both can be awesome together. I seriously can’t wait to try one of the most anticipated games of 2011, and I will do ANYTHING *hint hint* to get my hands on a code. Lol, but seriously, I’m a huge fan of FPS, and the Killzone series is one of my favorite, so I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to test this game. Otherwise…..


    Give me code, or I will eat your kids! I am the fantabolous King KOOPA!

    • I missed out on the original beta being a Playstation + user. I have owned all the games and took part in the Killzone 2 beta as well and I love the franchise to bits. I am excited to see how they have improved the game new features, I am excited to help developers by reporting bugs and glitches !. I am excited because I want to use a jet pack. I also want to see if my 3d tv is beta compatible, I am excited because i want to see what new game modes there are and last but not least I am excited because i want to stab people in the face!

      I am so Pumppppeed Up for thiss!.

  • trebor8201

    As if KZ2 wasn’t godly enough, you have to go and do this to us. Some of us only have a limited income. I’m finding it very difficult to imagine how you could improve on this. I loved the gameplay and the story, which is a very rare feat for me. I would love to get a taste of what KZ3 has to offer.

  • ghost_cz

    Killzone is my life, i play at morning to night, night to morning.
    and never ho sleep, because i was born with PS on my back.
    I love Guerilla Games and Killzone 1, Killzone : Liberation, Killzone 2, Killzone 3
    KZ3 is best FPS for few years….
    COD HALO etc is worst than KZ….
    Guerilla Games, you are gods of PS3…
    [email protected]

    • CodeBLACK

      The reason im so excited about this game is because killzone 2 was amazing and still is but with these new editions they are adding on to killzone 3 its gonna be even better. There is no other shooter quite like killzone at all.

      BTW PS3 all day
      just sayin

  • Mataii


    I’m really looking forward to the continuation of the story.. the improvements in gameplay and graphics..

    And onto the multiplayer…. I’d like to get into the beta so I can provide good feedback to improve the final product.. so that everyone can have the best experience possible..


  • Deadly1010P

    I sure love my fps games, i love kz2 as its unique and the community is very mature compared to cod.
    I can’t wait for kz3 in february as i know it will be awesom. i have seen like 10 videos of kz3 beta gamplay already and i would like to get into the action. It Will be the best fps game of 2011 as Guerilla are beast.
    i will contribute to beta testing, and post any problems to the killzone3 forum and etc
    i am a ps3 addict and have been off the ps3 for a week due to building works at my house. :(

  • kjansick

    I should get a beta code because if I don’t I will have to pay some slime ball on ebay who is probably going to end up raping me anyway. Also I’ve lost 14 games in a row in Madden online and cannot continue to suck so bad in an online game – I need to get back into a game that I can rip at. Other than that, I LOVE KZ2 and put in about 5 hrs a day on it. Help a bro in distress. ;)

  • Wreq_

    Hi, I would love to get the beta for killzone 3 because for me the original killzone is where online gaming started and i doubt there are many more devoted fans to this series than me and I would love to get in on the action.

  • joebobsteve1

    Im excited about Killzone 3 because of the change in controls. I was really hyped for Killzone 2 and bought it on day 1 but didnt even play it for more than a week because I didnt like the controls.

    I want to play the new and improved Killzone and possibly provide feedback that will make the final game a better product and something myself and others can feel confident in buying.

  • henning

    In the last 48 hours I’ve shed more tears than bullets have been fired in the KZ3 beta so far. I’ve lost hours of sleep and neglected to ingest the bare essentials of nutrition to sustain my now sad existence. My eyeballs have succumbed to the intense light from my monitor and have begun to seek refuge deep inside my skull. My lungs have begun to take breaks. Long breaks. Did you know that a human body can survive without oxygen for 7 hours? No? Well that’s because it’s a lie, but seriously: I need a beta key. – And it’s not even for the sake of my entertainment anymore, since I actually SOLD my God damned PS3 to get one (that was a lie too). I’ve heard that this Mr. Obama was a real powerful guy and was hoping he could see to it, but apparently, he’s not wired to receive prayers nor cookies. Alas, what is a man to do?

  • anx10us

    I am so excited for Killzone 3, cuz i been waiting so long for this beta and now its available. I want to see the chances in the game since i am a huge fan of killzone. I play killzone almost everyday, so im addicted and i hope i get a chance from you to play it.


  • simlal

    This game’s visuals, gameplay mechanics and multiplayer is indeed very solid. Lookin forward to the improvement on the revamped controls, updated class system and faster paced gameplay which looks perfectly balanced and more pure simple fun!

    • c4mtr0n

      I’m excited for Killzone 3 because of the smooth frame-rate. The game looks super slick and that was the one thing I had an issue with from Killzone 2. The frame-rate was lacking a bit. I think a smooth frame-rate is essential for an FPS because of the need for quick accurate reactions in split-second situations. Thats the funnest part of the series for me, those quick and heated battles where reaction time is essential. Good Luck ALL!

  • c4mtr0n

    Sorry I accidentally Double-Posted on the first page, but heres my comment:

    I’m excited for Killzone 3 because of the smooth frame-rate. The game looks super slick and that was the one thing I had an issue with from Killzone 2. The frame-rate was lacking a bit. I think a smooth frame-rate is essential for an FPS because of the need for quick accurate reactions in split-second situations. Thats the funnest part of the series for me, those quick and heated battles where reaction time is essential. Good Luck ALL!

  • vexedz

    I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve played the Killzone franchise since it’s start and have always loved it. I felt that it was a major milestone in the shooter genre for ps.

    Generally the way the game has presented has been Phenomenal. The graphics from KZ2 were some of the best for its time i felt that nothing could compare to its moody dark atmosphere. Planet helghan was vast and felt so desolate. The sounds of the battlefield are intense and really get you into the” zone”. As well as most of the soundtrack has a way of driving the game. The gameplay is great. Single player is quite challenging and very easy to get into. I can still remember my epic struggle against radec on elite . How many hours it took but it was worth it to knife his ass! The multiplayer was extremely deep and innovative for its time. I felt like it was something new at the time with its class warfare and warzone battles. It never got tiring either and I have played till this day.The constant objective changing of warzone just did it for me. I still remember the road to platniuming kz2 and then getting 100%. It is one of my fondest gaming experiences Even now I am constantly in the top precentiles .The one problem that most people seem to address was the control but, it never really bothered. In fact i enjoyed it more so then typical MW2 fashion. It just has its own fluidity.

    With that being said I didn’t think that they could improve that much in the game but, KZ3 just blows everything out of the water of it predecessors. In every way it looks flat out amazing and I really can’t wait. I like the look of the new take on multiplayer and can’t wait to get knee deep in frags. Not to mention getting in a jet pack! The atmosphere and general visuals look so beautiful more so then ever before. it’s like they cranked that shit to 11.Not to mention the knifing animations are wicked. I’d also like to help five feedback on the game and hopefully help improve it. I think my general knowledge and experience of the game could be helpful.

    It’s frustrating that I haven’t gotten a beta yet.
    I tired to get the ps+ download but i got out of work too late.:/ I been trying at all websites possible. I took work off to try to get it at 1-up giveaway yesterday. I could have sworn i won one but it just never panned out. I just don’t know what I’d do waiting till Feb just seems like a decade away. There just seems like there isn’t gonna be anything like this game. It just has such a lasting appeal

    I can’t wait to get back in the “zone” and sabotage some people!

    Here’s to lady luck,
    a killzone aficionado

  • deafwing

    I am totally pumped for Killzone 3. Look at my Twitter Account home page,, and if I would share access to my Facebook … it’s themed the same. Even my PS3 has the Theme.

    I’ve been patiently waiting to see how things turn on on KZ3, and the beta just keeps me a live till the real game launches. I need to play it – not only .. .I want. It’s like sex (well mabye not) but it gets close enough (i know my gf would kill me if she read this … but I will take that chance!)

    Thanks in advance!

  • after missing out on the beta being a Ps + user i felt hard done by. I am excited to stab people in the face, i am excited to use a jet pack, i am excited to help developers by reporting bugs/ glitches.

  • sky-rocketed77

    OK i just had 2 comment again…im gonna keep it short and 2 the point…i think kz is the best FPS game in its genre and i really mean tht…i tried so many other ways 2 enter the beta but i had no luck :( i really hope and wuld appreciate it if u guys choose me and i will become the best beta tester u guys have ever chosen :)

    Things havent been going my way lately so im hopin im chosen from u guys…thx Sal :)

    • DuckHavok

      Here’s the deal. I love Killzone. I own all of them. I bought my PS3 specifically for Killzone 2. I host a Forum game on Wednesdays called Gunman on the official website. I have been on Twitter for the past two days trying to get one, but I have not had any success. I feel like a crackhead feening for this Beta. Will you please give me my fix? I think I have a lot of constructive criticism for this Beta, but I ain’t gonna lie. I WANT IT BECAUSE ITS KILLZONE 3 BABY!!!!

    • DuckHavok

      Okay had to post again! The game design is AWESOME! Mortar, the redesign of the spawns, WASP, ALL THE BOTS *signs*. I can’t wait three months for this. I’ve never wanted to play a BETA, but the sheer thought of getting a chance to play it early is just killing me!!! Helghast For Life fools. Lol PLLLEEEAAASSEE!!!!!!

  • SerpentServant

    I am excited for Killzone 3 because I have been a hardcore fan since the forst game that came out on the PS2. I would love to recieve the code for a few reason. 1. I am in school for game design at the moment and have some skills in test games. 2. (This is the main reason I would love the beta.) I am one of the very few people who had no problem with the controls in KZ2. I’m talking about how the controls felt heavy or what ever. The reason why I would like this beta is because I am not certain that the route they took to make this like every other FPS was a good idea due to the fact they made it more of a run and gun opposed to tactical shooting for example. Thanks for the opportunity to get the code! SCRAWLFX of life! lol

    • SerpentServant

      Wow I should learn to spell check :/

  • Unusual_Suspekt

    I was waiting literally all day on the 19th to download the kz3 beta theme. Thats the only reason i bought a plus membership day one. I just knew I was going to be one of the lucky 5000. I waited and waited for an email that never came. Killzone to me is the best fps this generation. I need a to get in the beta. Being on the outside sucks.

  • KillzoneFanatec

    My comment is on Page 4, comment 104. Please read it, you’ll laugh and understand my love for Killzone! lol

  • Unusual_Suspekt

    I waited literally all day on the 19th to be the first to download the KZ3 beta theme with high hopes. That’s the reason I got a plus membership day one in the 1st place. Sadly… my email code never came. Killzone 2 is the best fps this generation hands down and KZ3 looks to be ever better. I even bought the Uk collectors box set when that came out and have 2 copies of KZ2. I would love to have a beta code. Hook me up fellaz.

  • aayush1407

    I think i m a big fan of Killzone series and playing it since it came out!!! I want Killzone 3 beta code to experience the latest version of the killzone that’s going to come out

    I have tried so many times to get the code and always failed so.. i feel myself to be unlucky. So.. i m always searching ways to get the code untill i feel that i m lucky!!

  • Simipro

    I’m a huge fan of the Killzone series. I was ranked number 42 in the world at one point on Killzone 2 and was obsessed with it. I unfortunately didn’t get a beta code and would love to get to test out the new gear they added in Killzone 3.

  • littsadung

    i can’t wait to see the new knife animation . hooray knife!!!!! and that ping u get when someone dies. interested to see if u get to set up a health station like a ammo box around the map in multiplayer

  • zerocool397

    The reason I am excited for Killzone 3 is because of the games unique gameplay. I really enjoyed Killzone 2 and the rotating game modes. People are saying that Killzone 3 has only improved upon Killzone 2 and I really want to see it for myself. :)

  • mordakai8

    I would love to try this out… i absolutely adore the kz games… I own KZ1, 2 and liberation. I love the multiplayer in kz2 and think that since i’ve beta tested many games, and reported many bugs, i’d be a great pick for this event.

  • hankscorpio

    I played KZ1, KZ2 and want to get a taste of KZ3 — looking forward to the new environments and Mechs!

  • Kurby

    I am excited for Killzone 3 because I have been a hardcore fan since the forst game that came out on the PS2. I would love to recieve the code for a few reason. 1. I am in school for game design at the moment and have some skills in testing games. 2. (This is the main reason I would love the beta.) I am one of the very few people who had no problem with the controls in KZ2. I’m talking about how the controls felt heavy or what ever. The reason why I would like this beta is because I am not certain that the route they took to make this like every other FPS was a good idea due to the fact they made it more of a run and gun opposed to tactical shooting for example. Thanks for the opportunity to get the code!

  • blur99

    Can’t forget the E3 Demo for Killzone 2!
    Killzone 3 is gonna be amazing.

  • gritz

    I have had this one on the calender since it was announced. I have been in several betas before and actively participate, providing feedback and bug identification. Certainly want to help one of my favorite franchises with a great product.

  • vanmukster

    [Emperor Vanmukster’s Speech]

    Sons and daughters of This much I vow!

    The history of this beta giveaway will be written in blood. By crushing the moderators of our enemy, by seizing the forums they thought to turn against us, we are fighting for our very own beta codes!!

    But if there are those who would deny us our codes; refuse us our rightful place in the killzone 3 beta, then we will unleash such terrible vengeance that generations yet unborn will cry out in ANGUISH!!!!


    Thats how passionately i feel about killzone 3 XD

    • raylock

      I really want a code because I loved KZ2 and DL’d the beta theme 2-3 minutes after it was up and I got nothing.

  • codyburger

    Love KZ3, looking forward to seeing where this one is going and helping out with the testing! Proud owner of all KZ games and looking forward to testing this one.

  • hemant_1988

    i’ve been following the killzone game franchise ever since killzone:liberation on the psp,then followed by killzone 2 on the ps3,never got the chance to play killzone1 cause i never owned a ps2
    But it was killzone 2 that changed my point of view about the multiplayer gaming aspect on the playstation 3,ever since then im a huge fan of killzone series
    killzone 2 had the best and most electrifying multiplayer that has been ever made till today and im a 100% sure that killzone 3 will be more fun what killzone 2 was.Even to this date i still love playin killzone 2 multiplayer with my friends,those sessions are just too epic
    Please do give me the kz3 beta code,i would also like to experience the awesomeness that is the “killzone 3″
    Guerrilla Games & SCEA FTW!

  • baeXter

    I want a KillZone3 Beta Code becouse I Love Gaming :)

  • killzoner

    – i have a Helgast logo on my shoulder

    – i play KZ2 everyday

    – i have already prepaid KZ3

    – i love Killzone!!

    -i will play all day every day till the beta servers are turned off

  • ismacolorado

    I would win so I can cash in all my Helgast hate my mother …

    I hope the code! earned …

  • helghast10

    Sal Romano & Scrawl, I just want to say my thanks for doing this giveaway for us gamers. It always makes me happy to see us gamers help each other out.

    P.S. Killzone 3 will be out of this world in 3D. Do you know if the Beta is in 3D?

  • mordakai8

    are they given out yet??

  • Zuler

    Why am I so excited for KZ3?

    Because Killzone 2 was easily my game of the year for 2009. I used to play it everyday. Heck, I reached the highest rank (back then) in ONE day because I had a marathon online. The only marathon I’ve ever done. SO worth it. Killzone, in my opinion, is the best shooter franchise ever.

  • ActimelLV

    This is how I look when I think about Killzone 3 !!!

    ________”$$$$o _____o$$$$$$o”$$$$o________o$$$$
    _______________””$$$$$$$oo $$$$$$$$$$

  • Sumtynnaztee

    Im a graphics whore and killzone quenches my thirst. I need to test this game and give the feedback needed to GG so that killzone 3 will be the best ever

  • mordakai8

    so its delayed to 3pm… Tomorrow as in yesterday’s tomorrow (Today)? Or the day after the original Tomorrow (Thursday)

    lol i know, I kinda worded it complicated…

  • BabeOnPSN

    HeyHey I wan´t to get in the Beta becouse i Love Betas and do Reports, the other think is my Frends playing know.


  • chaosdevil22

    I’ve been a fan of Killzone ever since the first Killzone came out on the PS2! I loved Killzone, it was a great game at the time and I still play it today when I get bored.

    When I saw gameplay of Killzone 2 for the first time I got even more excited and pumped for the game! When I finally got Killzone 2, I couldn’t stop playing. I play the multiplayer everyday with my clan because it’s so awesome! My clan on Killzone 2 used to be quite big but it got smaller because people stopped playing it but I never stopped. I bought every map pack that came out for it and I love each and every map in the packs.

    Finally when I saw gameplay of Killzone 3, it looked like the best game ever to me. The gameplay was awesome and looked fun and addicting. And the multiplayer of the game looks even better than Killzone 2. I can’t wait till Killzone 3 comes out next year but I would like to have a chance at playing the beta to see how it is and give feedback to make sure that it’s the best multiplayer experience.

    • DuckHavok

      Ohhh Please stop delaying it :( I’m ready for it to be over with! All this suspense… I really want this code..

  • ChronoJoe

    I want a code because I bought my PS3 for Killzone 2, and love the Killzone series.

  • MrPepperoni

    I been playing killzone ever since the first one came along i love the franchise and i hope you guys can choose me to test the beta

  • Duncanc6

    I Love Killzone the first one was amazing the second one was even better and the third one is just going too blow them all away. I want this game more than life itself

  • Duncanc6

    I would love to test this game

  • charlieboy

    I think that both Killzone 1 and 2 have been some of the best games that I’ve ever played so far.

    After beta testing Killzone 2, I started giving reviews on the game and I rated it the highest I could because I think that it’s so awesome!

    I’m too excited for this game to have to wait till February to play this. I preorded this Killzone 3 the moment it went up on websites!

    Finally I want to make sure that this game doesn’t end up like another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! I want to make sure that this game is unique and that people have the best multiplayer experience that they’ve ever had!

    Thanks for this chance of being able to get a chance to play this game!

  • scotth420

    i have owned my PS3 for over 1 year now, and only own 2 games for it killzone2 and army of two. Killzone2 never comes outta my PS3 well unless my daughter wants to watch a movie with me. LOL anyways i love the graphics and storyline behind the whole killzone franchise.GG you made a great game in killzone2 and can’t wait to see what Killzone3 has to offer.

  • NDMatt21

    I’ve been a huge fan of killzone since day one. I’ve been waiting for this franchise to reach its full potential and I think 3 really has a chance to do so. I would like to participate in this beta so that I could provide honest feedback to the devs on how to exceed expectations for the game.

  • sky-rocketed77

    PLZ…allow me 2 tes the beta plz Sal…i will provide honest gamplay issues,report bugs, and be the best beta tester i culd…i hope i make it…this makes me feel like i have a chance..i dnt want 2 be dissapointed agian plz

  • manicdepress88

    killzone rocks i would love to try out the betta i am a true killzone fanboy

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