And the Killzone 3 beta winners are... - Gematsu
And the Killzone 3 beta winners are…
posted on 10.27.10 at 02:59 PM EST by (@salromano)

Who would’ve thought that so many people would apply for a chance to win the Killzone 3 beta? Not me, that’s for sure (/sarcasm). Unfortunately, we only have five beta codes to give away but we’re pushing for more from Sony. As for now, the winners — randomly drawn using — are…

JTX09, Masterdz522, Freshjamba21, Scottd4571, and Henning.

Congrats, winners. You should all be receiving e-mails soon with your beta keys. If Sony sends us more codes, we’ll update this post with some more winners.

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  • modey

    Damn i thought i would atleast get one for being 1st ….. Ok :) Thnx

  • Duncanc6

    Please give me a code santa

  • Sorry guys. Wish I could’ve given you all a code, but that’s not how it works, unfortunately. =\

    • chrischris292

      ah im gonna cry now
      its ok i understand lol

  • cold_onez

    man I seriously like Killzone more than the people playing the beta right now. This totally sucks.

  • jambi

    I think the winners should have been chosen based on what they wrote. not at random

    • KZ3FTW

      Yea `100% agreed

  • Shedman

    Though i’d get one for a writing a well thought out comment, instead of, omfg give me code i luv kz plspls

  • another give away fai for me ahhh this blows

    • Are you kidding? why ask us to write why we are excited if you were gonna use some random computer selecter?…… man all you want is traffic for ad money…

    • @Twin_Shinobi

      I never asked anybody to write me books about why they’re excited for Killzone 3. Writing about why you like the game was the “entry fee” for the giveaway. It could’ve been a sentence, it could’ve been a page, it doesn’t really matter.

      I understand those who didn’t win are upset, but like I said, I’m trying to get more codes for you guys. Please don’t go making accusations merely for the fact that you didn’t win a code. I’m sure the community that regularly visits the site knows me better than that.

    • @sal romano

      Sorry m8, but you guys did say we’ll pick our favorites, not write something and then we will select them at random. You made it sound like an actual competition instead of a raffle.

      Raffle it was. So i feel my accusation of wanting more traffic was justified, i don’t mean any offense, just speaking out, not just for myself but for everyone that felt a bit miffed at being drawn in with the hooker only to find out it’s a raffle.

      i might be new here, but i don’t see anyone else offering a free download (of one of my tracks from my up coming album) to your entire community in exchange for a beta code. Pretty sure i posted that somewhere and if i didn’t it’s probably because i forgot to try and bribe you with an outrageous music promotion due to beta fever.

      Cheers for the chance though m8, at least you didn’t do what IGN did.

    • AdamBoy64

      Sorry… not calling anyone here a liar or casting dispersions. Don’t get me wrong.

      But I never read anything about them ‘picking our favourites’ – that isn’t mentioned anywhere.. unless I’m missing something?

  • AdamBoy64

    Guys, give Sal a break. Think about how many entries there were.

    How would he read all of them.. and what could possibly be a fair criteria of picking the winners based on what they wrote..

    • Rischiari

      Indeed. Did most people create an account and post JUST to enter the contest? lolz 334 comments vs the usual 10 or so per article.

  • Deadly1010P

    congrats to the winners, but i still failed :(

  • seinfeld1027

    if you get more codes just remeber i havent written one complaint about losing ;) and congrates on the winners.