Toriyama: "I'm really interested to see a more complete form of Final Fantasy VII" - Gematsu
Toriyama: “I’m really interested to see a more complete form of Final Fantasy VII”
posted on 02.15.10 at 11:04 AM EST by (@salromano)

In a new interview, Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama has expressed his interests in creating a Final Fantasy VII remake. Although Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy XIII has already expressed his concerns in bringing the game’s towns to high-definition, and Nomura has said development hasn’t begun on a remake, it looks like Square Enix staffers still want to create it.

“I’m really interested to see this more complete form of Final Fantasy VII portrayed more realistically with the voice and animation and all the suttle expressions there,” Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama said. “I’d be interested to see that and to make that, it would be a great experience. I don’t get tired of people asking that question, so I’ll continue to answer my thoughts as long as people keep asking.”

The interview can be seen below. He answers the Final Fantasy VII question at the very end.

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  • Square just love teasing us with these little snipets of info! Its only natural that the SE staff are wanting to make a remake, specially if they are passionate themselves about the series. It has to happen one day!!! ^_^

  • TruTrini4LYFE

    As usual alot of bullshit…even if they do decide to remake this it would be like 10-15 years…on the PS20 look at how long they been hypein Final Fantasy 13…do u think out of nowhere do would 1 day be like…o hey folks…Final Fantasy 7 is commin out nex year…year rite they gonna hype that gamefor 40 years…before they acutally do something about it

    Anyways I’m just a lil angry that all they do is talk..shut your ass and do something…u know people would buy it….

  • SuperGuyverUSA

    Alright, as long as it gets done, I’m all for it. :D


    This must happen, Final Fantasy VII must be remade.
    It’s a true classic and would be an amazing experiance to relive in HD glory.

    If this comes to life, i’ll be the happiest Final Fantasy fan, and i’m sure i won’t be the only.

  • David Macphail

    It has to happen someday, A Final Fantasy VII remake would be a guaranteed goldmine for Squeenix. I’d imagine they’ll want to wrap up the work on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and XIV first but after that it’s highly likely they’ll start planning this remake.

    Who knows…..hopefully they’ll get carried away and remake VIII and IX as well.

    • Sal

      A VII remake would be suitable for me. No need to put the company to THAT much work with a VIII and IX remake, even though they were both spectacular (although, I did like IX a lot better than VIII).

      It’s painful, though. I have the FF7 Tech Demo trailer saved to my computer and watch it every other day just because it’s so… well, you know. Then I realize there’s no remake yet in production and I sigh a bit.