Gensokyo Defenders coming to PC on April 25 alongside free DLC for Switch
posted on 04.15.19 at 11:00 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Three new stages, traps, and characters.

Gensokyo Defenders

Gensokyo Defenders is coming to PC via Steam on April 25 for $19.99, publisher Unties and developer Neetpia announced.

Additionally, Unties announced that the Switch version of Gensokyo Defenders will receive new downloadable content alongside the PC release, which includes three new stages and traps, as well as new playable characters Yakumo Yukari, who can manipulate boundaries of all kinds; Toyosatomimi no Miko, an immortal Buddhist saint; and Byakuren Hijiri, a magic-wielding nun.

Here is an overview of the game, via Unties:

Gensokyo Defenders pulls from more than 20 years of shared lore in the Touhou Project to give each of the 20 playable witches and fairies abilities thematic to their personality. Each girl comes with a set of three spell cards such as freezing enemies in place or building barriers to prevent escape from trap zones, as well as bullets to fire using twin-stick controls for extra damage.

Conquer more than 25 stages filled with magical foes by combining spells with an array of traps including spikes for raw damage, plants that slow movement and watchtowers that fire on attackers from a distance. Collect power ups and upgrade abilities to defeat 19 bosses. Join a friend for online co-op to defend the mystical realm of Gensokyo in an adventure blending tower defense with shooting action.

Watch a trailer for the game below.

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