Silverio Trinity: Beyond the Horizon coming to PS Vita on March 28, 2019 in Japan
posted on 12.07.18 at 09:13 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Light's latest visual novel port dated.

Silverio Trinity: Beyond the Horizon

Light has officially announced Silverio Trinity: Beyond the Horizon for PS Vita, a port of the January 2017-released PC game Silverio Trinity. It will launch on March 28, 2019 in Japan for 6,800 yen. An 8,800 yen limited edition including a full-color visual works book will also be available. 

Silverio Trinity: Beyond the Horizon includes two additional scenarios not in the original PC version, respectively titled “For Someone / Hero’s” and “Sacrifice to the Light / Icarus.”

Visit the official website here.

Here is an overview of Silverio Trinity‘s story, via VNDB:

Situated on the eastern border of the military nation of Adler is the historic city of Praga. It remains a powderkeg despite the official ceasefire between the three nations fighting over the territory and its resources, each of whom was completely different militarily, economically and religiously. There is a constant hidden power struggle which threatens the temporary balance and peace.

To break the tense and stagnant situation, the leader of Adler’s “Virgo” corps, Gilbert Harves, assembled all the “Esperanto” (Astral users) to create an experimental platoon. Among those chosen was Ashley Horizon, who had once been saved by the hero Christopher Valzelide and who will now be tasked with saving others.

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