Panic Palette coming to PS Vita on December 13 in Japan
posted on 10.02.18 at 11:27 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Another otome visual novel for the Sony handheld.

Otome visual novel Panic Palette, which first launched for PlayStation 2 in 2007 followed by PSP in 2008, is coming to PS Vita on December 13 in Japan for 5,800 yen, publisher Takuyo announced.

Panic Palette

Here is an overview of the game’s story, via VNDB:

In a small town called South Aose, a girl has just started high school this spring. Her name is Itou Aki.

One night while coming home from her part time job she meets a strange man on the beach.
For some reason he looks like some kind of Arab oil sheikh and talks in an old fashioned tone of voice.

Before even introducing himself he lays something called the “Contract Mark” or in other words clearly a “spell” on Aki.
Soon after, he says he is a “Prince” from an other dimensional world called Meldicia, also that…

If the contract isn’t released, then Aki has no choice but to become this oil sheikh looking man’s WIFE.

In order to be released from this unwanted contract Aki is forced to create a liquid called “Shell Aura”.
In order to create it she has to go to school in the daytime, and wander around the town at night…

Now then, what will be Aki’s fate…

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