Omensight coming to Switch in November, Definitive Edition update now available for PC
posted on 10.16.18 at 06:24 PM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation 4 version to receive the update on October 26.


Spearhead Games has released the version 1.04 update for Omensight on PC, which upgrades the game to Omensight: The Definitive Edition. The same update will be available for the PlayStation 4 version on October 26.

Additionally, the company announced that it is currently developing a Switch version of the game due out via the Nintendo eShop in November.

Here are the full version 1.04 update patch notes:


  • Post-ending content:
    • Added a not-bleak conclusion.
    • Added ability to visit loops of previous acts.
  • General:
    • Added option to return to the Tree of Life in the pause menu.
    • Enemies no longer attack from off-screen.
    • Hor+ for 21:9 resolutions.
    • Level streaming improvements.
    • Visual assets optimization.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed progression blockers in the encounters on the Fury.
  • Fixed Temple boss fight in Act 2.
  • Fixed explosive barrel explosion timer not slowed down by Delay of Fate.
  • Fixed Delay of Fate triggering twice.
  • Fixed companions not always performing a co-op kill.
  • Fixed hitting an NPC with a Phantom Blast during a decision moment didn’t count as a choice.
  • Fixed final boss attack not damaging the player.
  • Fixed final boss disappearing when using a Lethal Flurry
  • Fixed localization issues.
  • Fixed controller rumble not stopping when hitting a barrel to end a boss fight
  • Fixed Energy Orb turning forever around Harbinger.
  • Fixed Energy level 1 Orb not visible with Sword Upgrade level 5.
  • Much more!

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


A new action murder-mystery from the award-winning creators of Stories: The Path of Destinies.

You are the Harbinger, a mythical warrior who only appears in times of crisis. The land of Urralia is torn by war. But there is worse: as night falls, you witness the destruction of the world at the hands of a dark God.

As the eyes and the sword of Urralia, it is up to you to reverse this fate. All you know is that it started with a mysterious murder.

You are granted the power to relive the final day of Urralia. Lead the investigation as you decide how you spend each day.

Appear alongside characters who played a part in the apocalypse, fight with them or against them, and use your Omensight power to weave a new narrative. Through your decisions, your skills and your wits, change the course of the day and, perhaps, pave the way to a brighter future.

Featuring the top voice acting talents of Patricia Summersett (Zelda: Breath of the Wild) and Julian Casey (We Happy Few, Stories), and a stellar writing team including Nadim Boukhira (Stories), Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion), and Chris Avellone (Planescape: Torment, Pillars of Eternity).

Key Features

  • Manipulate Time – An innovative narrative experience, seamlessly blending interactive story with action gameplay. Witness the outcome of events from different perspectives, and affect the outcomes through your actions.
  • Investigate A Mystery – Join a diverse cast of characters with mysterious roles to play in Urralia’s story – and each other’s.
  • Change Fate – Learn key information about specific characters, then help or hinder them to prevent the end of the world.
  • Save Urralia – Fight using fluid, stylish combat that combines swordplay, magical abilities and time-manipulation.

Watch a trailer introducing the game below.

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