Megaton Musashi news set for Jump Festa 2019
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(That Level-5 project announced in 2016.)

Megaton Musashi

Level-5 will share more information on its July 2016-announced cross-media project Megaton Musashi at Jump Festa 2019, which runs from December 21 to 23.

Megaton Musashi will consist of a TV anime, a toy line, and multiplayer action RPG. While platforms were never announced, PlayStation hardware and 3DS were used in the concept images. In August 2016, Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino said the company was considering developing the game for high-spec platforms and that he wanted to see it on as a big a screen as possible.

Here is an overview of the project, via Level-5 International America in 2016:

Following Yo-kai Watch and The Snack World, Megaton Musashi was announced as the fifth cross-media project for Level-5. Its concept is ‘the combination of classic robot stories and school mysteries.’ While action battles among robots are featured, there will be a thrilling suspense-drama in the schools the protagonists attend. Unlike previous cross-media titles where the same or similar story is rolled out across different media platforms, Level-5 will try a new method of multiple points of view for each platform. By doing so, one big story will be told through different characters, so audiences can either enjoy each individual narrative on its own or the entire story through all platforms. Bandai has already been chosen as its master toy partner in Japan, and Level-5 is looking to create another strong entertainment ecosystem. Its rollout plan outside of Japan is yet to be determined.

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