Gulti changes name to Kayac Akiba Studio
posted on 10.23.18 at 01:52 AM EDT by (@salromano)
The studio behind RXN: Raijin and other shoot 'em ups.

Kayac Akiba Studio / Gulti

Gulti has changed its name to Kayac Akiba Studio as of October 19, the company announced. Its previous works include Raiden Fighter Aces for Xbox 360, Mamorukun Curse! for PlayStation 3, and RXN: Raijin for Switch.

The studio shared the following message on its new website:

Our predecessor Gulti is a game development team established by staff members involved in the development of the classic shooting game series Raiden.

In 2017, we became a Kayac group company and acquired the technology to develop for smartphones, becoming a game company capable of multiplatform development.

Nowadays, the fields of use for game development technology is expanding with application to other genres, and with the new technology that has surfaced in recent years, games themselves have begun to evolve into unfamiliar works of art.

In order to stand at the forefront of that trend, we are recruiting creators both inside and outside of the games industry in Akihabara, and as part of our determination to expand the field of game development and update the company itself, we have become Kayac Akiba Studio.

We will express the “refreshing feeling” we cultivated in the development of our shooting games that distinguishes it from other genres in our future games to come.

For the sake of refreshing the world.

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