Tales of Crestoria characters trailer; Aegis, Yuna, and Orwin detailed
posted on 09.21.18 at 10:59 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Three new characters revealed.

Tales of Crestoria

Bandai Namco released a characters trailer for Tales of Crestoria, its brand new Tales of series RPG for smartphones, during a Tokyo Game Show 2018 stage event.

The trailer reveals three new characters:

Aegis Alver (voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki, designed by Miyuki Kobayashi)

Tales of Crestoria

A flawless and handsome knight, he is the leader of the Midasmegur Kingdom Knights. He has an upright and clean-handed personality that honors justice, and as a result can be thickheaded. He has absolute faith in the Vision Orb, and blocks criminals Kanata and company from moving forward.

Yuna Azetta (voiced by Ayane Sakura, designed by Daigo Okumura)

Tales of Crestoria

A talented journalist and older sister-type. She has a cheerful personality, but tends to lie on the spur of the moment. She chatters on in her unique dialect and thus comes off as careless, but will commit dangerous acts if it is for the pursuit of truth, the principle by which she lives. She cooperates with Vicious as a covert informant.

Orwin Granbery (voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto, designed by Daigo Okumura)

Tales of Crestoria

A worn-out, middle-aged man with a sociable personality. He is never motivated at all and is essentially a useless human begin, so he has no capacity to live. He has a wife named Nina and 10 year-old daughter named Aura, but he mostly lives off his wife’s hard-earned money.

If you missed it, protagonist Kanata Hjuger and allies Misera and Vicious were previously detailed.

Here is a screenshot of the battle system:

Tales of Crestoria

A release date for Tales of Crestoria has yet to be announced.

Watch the trailer below. View a set of images at the gallery.

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