Shoot ’em up Neko Navy: Daydream Edition announced for Switch
posted on 09.22.18 at 11:00 AM EST by (@salromano)
Due out worldwide this winter.

Neko Navy: Daydream Edition

Neko Navy: Daydream Edition, an upgraded version of the June 2017-released PC shoot ’em up Neko Navy, is coming to Switch this winter, publisher Fruitbat Factory and developer DeathMofuMofu announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via Fruitbat Factory:

Neko Navy: Daydream Edition by studio DeathMofuMofu is a delightful upgraded edition of the cat-themed shooter Neko Navy, pitting flying cats against dangerous foes such as sausages and mites. Daydream Edition features rebalanced difficulties including a harder DEATH mode, and an all-new gameplay mode, ∞ mode which contains an infinite number of challenge stages while limiting the player to 1 extra life. It is expected to release winter 2018 in Europe, America, and Japan, with support for English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages.

Shoot, evade, and detonate Bombers! Neko Navy is an exhilarating horizontal-scrolling shooter with easy controls.

The game offers three difficulties that everyone from a beginner to an advanced player can enjoy. Fire off as many Bombers as you can to achieve high scores!

Watch the announcement trailer below. Visit the official website here.

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