LoveR development is currently 60 percent complete
posted on 09.12.18 at 01:31 AM EST by (@salromano)
Tidbits and images from Weekly Famitsu.


The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has new information on LoveR, the newly announced love simulation game for PlayStation 4 from Photo Kano and Reco Love creator Ichiro Sugiyama.


Here are the tidbits:

  • LoveR is a love simulation game where players can experience a happy school life and pass the days interacting with six heroines.
  • You can take photographs just like Photo Kano and Reco Love, as well as enjoy the two “R”s that are “romance” and “recording.”
  • The goal of the game is to become friends, and eventually lovers, with the heroines by a designated date. You will engage in conversations with the heroines that you meet randomly at school, and deepen your relationship by inviting them to photo sessions.
  • Photo sessions introduce depth of field, which lets you blur areas outside of the camera’s focus, and you can also call out to the heroine from the controller microphone. The deeper your relationship gets, the more poses you can ask for. You may even be able to take a somewhat ecchi photo…
  • Starting September 20, a VTuber program called “Magical Mina,” starring the LoveR protagonist’s little sister Yumina (voiced by Yumiri Hanamori), will begin broadcasting on the Internet radio station Onsen.
  • Development is currently 60 percent complete.
  • The game’s staff members are as follows:
    • Producer / Scenario: Ichiro Sugiyama
    • Character Design: Taro Mino
    • Art Director: Quin
    • Music: Noriyuki Iwadare
    • Developer: Sweet One (Kadokawa Games)

LoveR is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 14, 2019.

Thanks, HachimaKikou and Famitsu.

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