PlayStation China Hero Project ChinaJoy 2018 showcase video
posted on 08.02.18 at 02:55 AM EST by (@salromano)
Kill X, Project Boundary, Pervader, Hardcore Mecha, and Lost Soul Aside.

PlayStation China Hero Project

Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai has released the official PlayStation China Hero Project showcase video for the ChinaJoy 2018 exhibition, which runs from August 3 to 6 in Shanghai.

The China Hero Project was launched in mid-2016 to locate and support creative and able Chinese studios to develop “remarkable content” for the PlayStation family.

The following five projects are featured in the showcase video:

  • 1:57 to 4:07 – Kill X (VIVAGAMES) – Winter 2018
  • 4:07 to 6:07 – Project Boundary (Studio Surgical Scalpels Co., Ltd.) – 2019
  • 6:07 to 9:30 – Pervader (Beijing Light & Digital Technology Co.,Ltd) – Coming Soon
  • 9:30 to 11:50 – Hardcore Mecha (Rocket Punch) – Previously Code: Hardcore
  • 11:50 to 13:12 – Lost Soul Aside (Ultizero Games)

Watch the showcase video below. Visit the official English website for the China Hero Project here.

Watch the individual trailers below.

Hardcore Mecha

Kill X

Lost Soul Aside


Project Boundary

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