Mary Skelter 2 details Hansel, Clara, Michiru, Professor Tohjima, Haru, Miko, Towa, Snark, and Blood Farm system
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Harvest Blood Flowers to get equipment with special effects.

Mary Skelter 2

Compile Heart has updated the official Japanese website for Mary Skelter 2 with information and screenshots introducing sub-characters Hansel, Clara, Michiru, Professor Tohjima, Haru, Miko Ueshima, Towa Kadowaki, and Snark, as well as the Blood Farm system.

Get the details below.

■ Characters

Hansel (voiced by Taishi Nakagawa)

Mary Skelter 2

A Nightmare in the Dorm area and Gretel’s older brother who she loves. Hansel also loves his younger sister Gretel and considers her a precious family member.

While he looks and talks like a monster, he has a certain level of intelligence and is basically kind as long as no harm comes to Gretel. He slightly understands that he is different from Gretel, but does not think something like that matters.

He understands Nightmare Jack well.

Clara (voiced by Yui Nakajima)

Mary Skelter 2

A girl you meet while exploring the cell area. Although young, she moves around the cell area and sells items to Tsuu and the others. She surives thanks to the help of her mysterious “master.”

Michiru (voiced by Maya Yoshioka)

Mary Skelter 2

The religious leader of the Order of the Sun who prophesies that “the Sun God will scorch the heavens to render salvation from the Jail.” She is called “Oohime” or the “Lady of the Sun.” Her real name is “Michiru.” She speaks with a shroud of mystery, and often confuses many, but her words hold an odd sense of divinity.

Professor Tohjima (voiced by Kanehira Yamamoto)

Mary Skelter 2

A researcher of the Jail from the conception of the Dawn. He holds vast knowledge of the Jail, and is extremely passionate about escaping it.

Haru (voiced by Yuuji Kameyama)

Mary Skelter 2

Dawn’s weapon craftsman who lacks tact and has a bad attitude. One of the very few craftsman who can create the Blood weapons that the Blood Maidens use.

Miko Ueshima (voiced by Natsue Sasamoto)

Mary Skelter 2

An older sister to many working at Dawn. She has heard out and advised Tsuu and the Little Mermaid since they were young, and has various abilities including detailed knowledge about the Jail.

Towa Kadowaki (voiced by Fukushi Ochiai)

Mary Skelter 2

The guard standing watch over the entrance to the Liberated District.

Snark (voiced by ???)

Mary Skelter 2

The assumed leader of the Nightmares, and a being with unknown origins. Long ago, Professor Tohjima met Snark, but has not been seen since then.

■ System

◆ Dungeon: Blood Farm

Blood Farm

Blood Farm is a system to grow Blood Flowers in the cell area. By planting the Blood Crystals you obtain in battle in the dungeon, Blood Flowers will bloom, and you can get equipment by harvesting the Blood Flowers that have fully bloomed.

Also, if you add Marchen Blood to a Blood Flower, the flower’s color will change to gold. Gold Blood Flowers have a higher likelihood of yielding rarer equipment.

Harvested equipment will be granted special effects, including:

  • Up to a +99 Strengthening Value
  • 15 kinds of Equipment Skills
  • Four kinds of Status Ailment Granting Effects
  • 60 kinds of Nicknames
  • Nine kinds of Attribute Effects

Harvest the strongest weapon with a combination of over a million effects.

Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2

Update Chance

Using Hamelin’s “Magnetic Piccolo” blood ability, an Update Chance will immediately activate upon harvesting a Blood Flower. By activating an Update Chance, even more effects are randomly granted to harvested equipment.

Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2 is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 12.

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