Crystar introduces four new characters, battle system tidbits
posted on 07.18.18 at 12:58 AM EST by (@salromano)
Meet Anamnesis, Kokoro Fudouji, and more.


The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has new information on Crystar, FuRyu’s upcoming PlayStation 4 action RPG developed by Gemdrops.

Get the details below.


  • Anamnesis (voiced by Kikuko Inoue) – A demon.
  • Kokoro Fudoji (voiced by Yuka Iguchi) – An avenger demon. She fights using her fists. Her guardian Diogenes fights using giant claws.
  • Sen Megumiba (voiced by Honoka Inoue) – An ally of justice. She unleashes consecutive attacks faster than the eye can see with her two-handed sword. While she deals little damage, she can use many attacks in a row. Her guardian Socrates also overpowers enemies with consecutive attacks.
  • 777 (voiced by Sumire Morohoshi) – A hedonist.

Battle System

  • There are nine types of skills for each character, which are activated by a combination of the R1 button and the four face buttons.
  • Skills can be freely set and used at any time.
  • Standard attacks are used with the Square and Triangle buttons. Triangle is the strong attack. You can also perform combos that launch enemies.
  • While you only control one character at a time, you can switch between characters at any time. You can even connect combos while switching between characters.




Crystar is due out for PlayStation 4 on October 18 in Japan.

Thanks, Famitsu and Ryokutya2089.

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