Bullet Girls Phantasia Japanese first-print bonuses announced
posted on 05.09.18 at 11:55 PM EST by (@salromano)
Cross-compatible costume downloadable content.

D3 Publisher has announced bonuses included with first-print copies of Bullet Girls Phantasia in Japan.

First-print copies of the game will include download codes for different costumes depending on which version of the game you purchase, but the costumes are compatible across versions. For example, if you purchase both versions of the game, you will be able to use the costumes from the PS Vita first-print bonus in the PlayStation 4 version and vice-versa.

Here are the details:

PlayStation 4: Bunny Girl Costume (Black) / Silicone Bra and Underwear (Beige)

From fishnet stockings to bunny ears, dress up your girl as a cute rabbit with the “Bunny Girl Costume (Black).” And with the “Silicone Bra and Underwear (Beige),” you may be able to deceive enemies with material that reproduces the feeling andcolor of the girl’s beautiful skin.

Bullet Girls Phantasia

Bullet Girls Phantasia

PS Vita: Bikini Armor (Gold) / Sarashi & Fundoshi (White)

Become a strong female warrior (but one with a sensitive body) with the gorgeous “Bikini Armor (Gold).” And the “Sarashi & Fundoshi (White)” is full of Japanese spirit. From the back of the fundoshi, you may even be able to feel the manly spirit wedging into her maidenly grace.

Bullet Girls Phantasia

Bullet Girls Phantasia

Bullet Girls Phantasia is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan on August 9. An English release is also planned for Southeast Asia via publisher H2 Interactive.

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