Compile Heart x MoldWorks ‘Ultimate Weapon’ teaser website launched
posted on 04.09.18 at 10:37 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Reveal set for April 11.

Compile Heart

Compile Heart has launched a countdown teaser website titled “Compile Heart’s Ultimate Weapon!?

The website, which teases a reveal tomorrow, currently hosts a video featuring an egg labeled “Compile Heart x MoldWorks,” which says things like “I really like countdowns,” and “Tomorrow I’ll finally emerge!” The end of the video teases, “What will emerge tomorrow…!?”

MoldWorks is a 3D CG production company. According to its official website, the majority of its recent work has been in video games.

Given that it is currently April 10 in Japan, “tomorrow” in this case would be April 11. However, it is possible the game is featured in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation, which would mean we should hear more in the coming hours, as the magazine’s contents generally leak early Tuesday mornings (Eastern time).

Watch the video from the teaser website below.

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