Hokuto ga Gotoku free DLC difficulty level ‘Original Mode’ announced
posted on 03.08.18 at 02:19 AM EST by (@salromano)
Reproduces the strength of characters as they appear in the manga.

Hokuto ga Gotoku

Sega has announced plans to release an “Original Mode” difficulty level as free downloadable content for Hokuto ga Gotoku in Japan.

Described as a new difficult level in addition to “Easy,” “Intermediate,” and “Hard,” “Original Mode” reproduces the strength of the characters as they appeared in the Fist of the North Star manga. Normally, the difficulty level is set so that enemy characters gradually strengthen based on the player’s progress, but in “Original Mode,” characters from the manga will appear with the strengths set for them in the original work, ignoring the player’s progress. That being said, even for enemies that appear in the begging of the game, if they are strong characters that appear in the original work, their strength will remain as is.

Hokuto ga Gotoku is launched today for PlayStation 4 in Japan. A demo is also available on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

Thanks, Famitsu.

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