Arc System Works announces ‘food gobbling rhythm game’ Eat Beat Deadspike-san for Switch
posted on 03.08.18 at 01:29 AM EST by (@salromano)
Featuring characters from the BlazBlue series.

Eat Beat Deadspike-san

Arc System Works has announced Eat Beat Deadspike-san, a “food gobbling rhythm game” featuring BlazBlue characters due out for Switch via the Nintendo eShop worldwide on March 22 for $6.99.

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website:


Once upon a time, in an unnamed Hierarchical City, was Ragna and Dead Spike-san. Ragna, as hard as he fought, never seemed to win…

Dead Spike-san, witnessing defeat after defeat, had a bright idea. If he ate more, maybe he could become stronger…?

Dead Spike-san and Ragna set off on an epic (?) journey.



The controls are simple! Groove to the rhythm and eat as much as you can.

Gobble up the food item incoming from the right with the L and R buttons!

Charge the Burst Gauge by eating more itemes! Activate Overdrive once the gauge is full! Make use of Overdrive to earn High Calories (score)!

Aim for the higher rank!!

Obtain “Rank S” by capitalizing Overdrive and achieving a Full Combo! You might be able to receive an Award depending on your play result…!?


  • Ragna and Dead Spike-san
    • Ragna – The main protagonist of the 2D fighting game BlazBlue. His only purpose in this game is to be dragged around by Dead Spike-san.
    • Dead Spike-san – Ragna’s reliable special attack and the main character of this game. Determined to become stronger for Ragna’s sake by eating more.
  • Hazama and Ouroboros
    • Hazama – Captain of the Novus Librarium’s Intelligence Department. His only purpose in this game is to be dragged around by Ouroboros.
    • Ouroboros – Hazama’s Drive ability. Decided to join in the fray so that he will not lose to Dead Spike-san.
  • Carl and Nirvana
    • Carl – A young bounty hunter. Obsessed with his sister. His only purpose in this game is to chase after his rampaging sister.
    • Nirvana – The Nox Nycrtores in Carl’s possession. “Deus Ex Machina: Nirvana.” On a rampage for some reason.

Dishes (?)

  • Tentama Udon – Udon with kakiage and an egg. Ragna’s favorite food.
  • Boiled Eggs – Soft-boiled egg with the perferct firmness. Hazama’s favorite food.
  • Fish Sausage – A large and thick fish sausage.

There are more food items that await within the game…

Watch the announcement trailer below.

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