Persona series official support app Persona O.A. launches this spring in Japan, pre-registration now available
posted on 02.16.18 at 04:09 AM EST by (@salromano)
First details on the official Persona series app.

Persona O.A.

Atlus will launch Persona O.A., the official Persona series support app, this spring for iOS and Android devices in Japan, the company announced. Pre-registration is available now.

Here is an overview of the app, via its official website:


In addition to receiving news related to the Persona series, you can move forward in an exploration game in order to enjoy newly-written conversation events with Persona characters. Also, by spending “Persona Points,” which can be acquired through various means, you can summon Personas to take along in the exploration game, as well as download web content, get presents, and apply to events.

Key Features

  • Check Persona Series Official NewsPersona O.A. is equipped with a news list to check out the latest news on the Persona series, as well as a schedule feature. Register certain days on the schedule as favorites. You can even set notices so you do not forget.
  • An Easy-to-Play Exploration Game – Explore Palaces with your favorite character (partner) and Persona. You can get items and Persona Points by clearing a Palace. Get experience points for the Persona you take along and increase the bonds with your partner character.
  • Summon Personas – Spend Persona Points to summon Personas. The Personas you summon can explore Mementos with you and grow.
  • Enjoy Conversation Events – By exploring Palaces with your favorite partner, you can increase your bonds, and after you finish exploring, a conversation event will occur. These conversation events have been written just for this app. Conversation events that have already occurred can be seen again at any time from the Event Memories.
  • Save Up and Use Persona Points – You can get Persona Points from related products, and app-exclusive QR codes and serial codes published and enclosed in various places. In addition to using Persona Points for Persona summons in the exploration game, you can also exchange them for web content, presents, and event applications.
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