The King of Fighters: Destiny CG animated series episode 24 now available on YouTube
posted on 01.18.18 at 12:16 AM EST by (@salromano)

The King of Fighters: Destiny

SNK has released the 24th episode of The King of Fighters: Destiny, its CG animated series based on its The King of Fighters fighting games, on YouTube. This is the final episode of the first season.

Here’s an overview of the episode, dubbed “Destiny”:

Rugal has achieved the power of a god and the fighters try their best to take him down. Revenge, love, hate, ambition…THE KING OF FIGHTERS gets chaotic in this final epic battle! The destinies of these KOF fighters cross and give birth to a new history!

If you missed it, catch the previous episodes via the following links:

Watch episode 24 below.

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