Death end re;Quest details Japanese pre-order bonus PC game End Quest
posted on 01.09.18 at 01:56 AM EDT by (@salromano)
The story and characters of the RPG Maker game.

Compile Heart has updated the official website for Death end re;Quest with information and screenshots of the pre-order bonus PC game End Quest.

As previously announced, pre-orders include a CD-ROM containing the special PC game End Quest, which was created in RPG Maker and shares the same setting as Death end re;Quest, but tells a separate story of a certain girl.

Here are the details:

■ Story

End Quest

A girl awakens in a certain town. She does not know who she is, nor where.

She greets the people of the town, but something about them is strange. Although they were able to make conversation, she was unable to sense any “emotion” within them.

Just when anxiety had gotten the better of her, the girl meets a woman named Shina. Unlike the other town dwellers, she had emotion.

The girl, whose heart was touched for the first time, wanted to stay with Shina longer, but Shina bid her farewell with an, “I have to go.”

Because they will be able to meet again soon, the girl and Shina promise to reunite, but the collapse of the world had already begun.

■ Characters

The Girl

End Quest

When she awoke, she had not a single memory, not knowing who or where she is. She goes on a journey in pursuit of Shina, the only one she was able to establish a bond with.


A cat the girl met upon awakening. The cat guides the lost girl who knows not a thing.

Shina Ninomiya

End Quest

The director of the game “World’s Odyssey,” in which this story is set. Shina meets the girl as she is investigating bugs that appeared during development.

Celica Clayton

End Quest

A character said to be the best adventure in the world of “World’s Odyssey.” She joins the girl on her journey after saving her from a monster attack.

Al Astra

End Quest

A novice adventurer who ran away from home. She meets the girl during a dispute with Clea.

Clea Glaive

End Quest

A peddler who does business with adventurers. She meets the girl during a dispute with Al.

Lily Hopes

End Quest

Although the princess of the great country “Heartis,” she was imprisoned by the queen under false charges. It is during her imprisonment that she meets the girl.

Lucil Filarete

End Quest

The girl and company save her after she is attacked by monsters and injured. She is a half-elf, which are looked down upon, and is unable to return to her village.

■ Screenshots

End Quest

End Quest

End Quest

Death end re;Quest will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 1, 2018 for 7,776 yen at retail and 6,912 yen via download.

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