Yo-kai Sangokushi: Kunitori Wars official website opened
posted on 12.14.17 at 05:32 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Smartphone game due out this winter in Japan.

Yo-kai Sangokushi: Kunitori Wars

Level-5 has launched the official website for Yo-kai Sangokushi: Kunitori Wars, its newly announced iOS and Android “country-stealing strategy RPG” developed by Koei Tecmo.

The smartphone game is set on the vast continent of China, where each season players are divided into three or more powers and a country-stealing free-for-all between nations unfolds. On the battlefield, troops of “Yo-kai Officers” bustle and move about, and can occasionally unleash special moves with tremendous effects. Famous warriors of the Three Kingdoms period will also appear as “War Devils.”

Yo-kai Sangokushi: Kunitori Wars is due out in Japan this winter. It will be free to download and have item-based micro-transactions.

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