Tiny Metal delayed to December 21
posted on 11.20.17 at 02:20 AM EST by (@salromano)
Turn-based strategy game pushed back one month.

Tiny Metal

Unties and Area 35 have delayed the release of Tiny Metal from its previously planned November 21 release date to December 21.

The reason for the delay is to further improve the quality of the game and add features that get more users to play.

Here is an overview of the turn-based strategy game, via its official website:


Tiny Metal is all about the gameplay. We are experienced Japanese video game developers who have come together to develop Tiny Metal. We believe that we can bring back the golden age of Japanese videogames, one masterpiece at a time.

We put classical Japanese war gaming into a great modern day graphical package that works well and looks fantastic even on some older systems. Tiny Metal features 15 unique units and never before seen gameplay mechanics. Tiny Metal is the Japanese Arcade Wargame you wish you had as a kid.

Key Features

  • Flank & Rear Attacks – Flanking and attacking from the rear of an enemy unit confers an attack bonus.
  • Radar – Use radars in conjunction with long range artillery to attack enemies outside of your visual range!
  • Focus Fire – By using target lock-on with 2 or more units to unleash a deadly focus fire attack.
  • Hero Units – Hero units can be called into battle. They are usually outright stronger or more versatile than normal units. Hero units grow stronger over the course of the campaign and can be brought over from mission to mission.
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