Gintama Rumble adds Utsuro boss, Zenzou Hattori and Ayame Sarutobi assist characters
posted on 11.08.17 at 11:42 PM EST by (@salromano)
And apparently Gintoki can use the Kamehameha wave...

Utsuro in Gintama

The latest issue of Weekly Jump confirms new chapters, boss characters, and assist characters set to appear in Gintama Rumble.

Both the “Shogun Assassination Chapter” and “Farewell, Shinsengumi Chapter” will appear as part of the game’s “Long-Form Retrospective Rumble Mode.”

Utsuro will appear as a boss character. He can teleport and unleash distant and close-range attacks without an unguarded moment.

Zenzou Hattori and Ayame Sarutobi will appear as assist characters.

New costumes were also unveiled for Isao Kondou, Toushirou Hijikata (civilian clothes), and Kotarou Katsura (guard costume).

And finally, the magazine has a screenshot of a scene in which Gintoki uses the “Kamehameha” wave from Dragon Ball. The next issue of Weekly Jump will have further details.

Gintama Rumble will launch for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan, as well as for PlayStation 4 with English subtitles in Southeast Asia, on January 18, 2018.

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