Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories launches 2018 in Japan, second trailer
posted on 11.15.17 at 10:07 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Kobe City Fire Bureau cooperation officially announced.

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories

Granzella has released the second official trailer for Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories, its upcoming survival action adventure game for PlayStation 4, as well as confirmed a 2018 release window for Japan.

The company also officially announced its cooperation with the Kobe City Fire Bureau. Through the Fire Bureau’s cooperation, the game will aim for a more realistic representation of disasters by incorporating information on actual disaster cases and fire prevention in the depiction of disaster scenes such as fires, rescue operations, the in-game disaster prevention manual, and more.

Additionally, continuing his role from Disaster Report 3: Kowareyuku Machi to Kanojo no Uta, disaster prevention and crisis management journalist Minoru Watanabe will supervise the depiction of disaster scenes such as earthquakes and the in-game disaster prevention manual. The manual, which players will obtain as they progress through the game, will be useful for both clearing the game and for information on disaster prevention and what to do when a disaster occurs.

Here’s an overview of the game’s story:


July 201X. The harsh sunlight, the scorching asphalt. Buildings continue to collapse under their own weight one after another. Immediately after the earthquake, the city is filled with danger and people are panicked.

The protagonist of the game (which can be selected as male or female), who arrived in the city to find employment just before the major earthquake hit the city, is now left alone, being unfamiliar with the area. He (or she) wanders around the city to survive as aftershocks continue. Cooperating and having conflicts with other people, the protagonist collects information to escape from the collapsing city.

Watch the new trailer below. View two new screenshots at the gallery.

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