Metal Max Xeno announced for PS4, PS Vita [Update 3]
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The "True End of Century RPG."

Metal Max

The “new post-apocalyptic RPG” (Editor’s Note: We previously referred to this as “True End of Century RPG”) teased for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita last week is Metal Max Xeno, Kadokawa Games announced in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation. The game is described as a “love story between the protagonist and mankind’s last virgin.”

Here’s a list of the staff:

  • Overall Direction: Yoshimi Yasuda
  • Director: Hiroshi Miyaoka
  • Producer: Juntarou Kouno
  • Music: Satoshi Kadokura
  • Character Design: Oda Non
  • Monster Design, etc.: Atsuji Yamamoto

Metal Max Xeno will launch in Japan in spring 2018.

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Update 3:00 a.m.: New details have come in.

Game Content

  • The game is set in the year 209X in a country called Nippon (Japan—it’s spelled out in Katakana).
  • The protagonist is named Talis. Half of his body is mechanized, and he has the power to take on powerful monsters on his own.
  • The heroine is named Toni. Her father was killed, but she was saved by Talis and sticks beside him.
  • There is a mechanic named Yokky, who spends his days indulging in alcohol. His weapon is a huge wrench even bigger than himself.
  • The tank is called “Crimson Avenger R-Wolf” and is designed by Atsuji Yamamoto.
  • The enemy is “SoNs,” monsters whose aim is to eradicate all human life.
  • On the field, you an launch a preemptive strike at enemies by firing from your tank.

Developer Interview Tidbits

  • This is a tank and human RPG return to roots.
  • While Metal Max 4 cannot be called a sales success, Metal Max Xeno is a return to roots and a rebirth, in a series different from the numbered titles, that sweeps the slate clean.
  • The setup where Noah caused the great destruction and the Blood Corporation exists has not changed, but the time period is different.
  • The setting is built to give off the feeling of Tokyo.
  • The beginning of the game is “a journey where you will long see the destruction of mankind.”
  • There are bounties and tank customization. This will be the fullest entry in the series yet.
  • There are new elements such as a “Firing Mode” and an “Iron Base where the protagonist and company are set up.”
  • Your first playthrough is a huge tutorial. Your second playthrough is the real Metal Max.
  • Toni is “mankind’s last virgin.” The game may depict the “love between mankind’s last male virgin and female virgin. (Laughs.)”
  • You’ll be able to listen to the “WANTED” music track. There are also plenty of new songs, but a sufficient amount of old songs are also in the game.
  • Metal Max Xeno is the successor to the cancelled Metal Max: Wild Eyes.
  • They’re trying to make an entirely new series that uses the distinctive characteristics of previous Metal Max games.

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Update 3:50 a.m.: A few more details have come in, via an official preview from Dengeki Online. Metal Max Xeno is set in a ruined and desertified world, in which a story will unfold where mankind became an endangered species after being dominated by a mysterious mechanical force. The metropolis that is the setting of your journey is called “Death Tokyo.”

Metal Max Xeno

Update 5:05 a.m.: Here is Famitsu‘s preview scan:

Metal Max Xeno

Development is being handled by Kadokawa Games, Cattle Call, and 24Frame.

Thanks, Ryokutya2089.

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