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Hokuto ga Gotoku details Toki, Rei, and Airi
posted on 09.11.17 at 08:39 AM EST by (@salromano)
Three more cast members confirmed.

Hokuto ga Gotoku

Sega has updated the official website for Hokuto ga Gotoku, its upcoming Fist of the North Star game from the studio behind Yakuza, with descriptions and artwork of newly confirmed characters Toki, Rei, and Airi.

Get the details below.

Toki (voiced by Shunsuke Sakuya)

Hokuto ga Gotoku

A fellow student who studied the Hokuto Shinken martial arts style alongside Kenshiro from a young age. He has heart, technique, and physique, and in all was an excellent fighter, but because he was exposed to the “nuclear fallout” during the final war, he suffered from an incurable disease and gave up on the path of succession. After that, he tried to put Hokuto Shinken to use as a means of medical treatment.

Rei (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa)

Hokuto ga Gotoku

A Nanto Suichiouken user said to be the most elegant in Nanto Seiken Hyakuhachi-ha. He is searching for his younger sister, Airi, who was kidnapped by a man with seven scars on his chest. He hears of certain plausible information, and visits Eden.

Airi (voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi)

Hokuto ga Gotoku

After she was kidnapped by a man with seven scars on his chest on her wedding day, she rendered herself blind by pouring poison into her eyes in despair of her own destiny. It seems she was placed into a cruel environment.

Hokuto ga Gotoku is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2018.

View high-res character artworks at the gallery.

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