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A Certain Magical Virtual-On introduces “Transition” action, control styles, more
posted on 09.12.17 at 02:41 AM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, the introduction of a points system.

Dengeki Online has gone up with a new preview of A Certain Magical Virtual-On confirming two more characters in Kuroko Shirai and Misaki Shokuhou, and detailing the game’s systems, including its new “Transition” action” and control styles.

Get the details below.

■ Characters

Kuroko Shirai and RVR-14/VSL Fei-Yen kn

 A Certain Magical Virtual-On

Misaki Shokuhou and SGV-417-l/VSL Angelan

 A Certain Magical Virtual-On

■ System

Points System

 A Certain Magical Virtual-On

In addition to the “when your HP is reduced to zero, you’re KO’d” system in previous Virtual-On titles, A Certain Magical Virtual-On also introduces a new points system. If a KO did not occur within the time limit, the winner and loser were previously decided by each player’s remaining amount of HP, but in the same situation this time, the winner and loser are decided through points, which accumulate when you down your opponent. Because of this, even if you have more HP than your opponent, you will still lose if battle timer ends and they have more points.

Also, a violation will occur if the user with more points begins to play passively, such as running around without hitting their opponent. After a warning, penalties such as point deductions will be imposed.

“Transition” Action

 A Certain Magical Virtual-On

Various speedy actions such as dashes, jumps, and a variety of attacks are one of the appeals of the Virtual-On series. This time, a new “Transition” action has also been added.

By pressing the Circle button during a dash, you’ll switch to a driving form that looks as if the Virtuaroid is kneeling. During a Transition, you can jump, dash in different directions, and switch to an attack without interruption while always keeping the enemy on-screen.

“Smart” and “Veteran” Control Styles

 A Certain Magical Virtual-On

A Certain Magical Virtual-On offers two control styles.

The “Smart” control style is designed for beginners and players returning after a long absence. It is built with an automatic lock-on at its core, allowing you to fight while always keeping the enemy on-screen.

The “Veteran” control style is built with a manual lock-on at its core, allowing you to play freely with the tactics unique to traditional Virtual-On titles, such as rushing forward and manually aiming without keeping the enemy on-screen.

4th Weapon: “Boost Weapon”

 A Certain Magical Virtual-On

In addition to the three weapons of previous Virtual-On games—the Right Weapon, Left Weapon, and Center Weapon—there is a new fourth weapon called the Boost Weapon. This is fired from the Virtuaroid by amplifying the unique ability of each pilot.

A Certain Magical Virtual-On is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita during winter 2018 in Japan.

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