Takeshi’s Challenge now available for iOS, Android in Japan
posted on 08.14.17 at 09:25 PM EST by (@salromano)
Smartphone release adds new features.

Takeshi's Challenge

Taito has released Takeshi’s Challenge, its 1986-launched Famicom game designed by Beat Takeshi, for iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play in Japan for 804 yen.

The iOS and Android release adds the following additional features:

Widescreen Support

16:9 widescreen support.

New Stage “America” Added

You can go to “America” from New Narita Airport, where locations include “Broadway” and a “Poker Tower” where many celebrities live. It also features new background music from Taito sound team’s Zunata. And while unrelated to the game’s story, you may come across a celebrity if you reach the top of the tower.

Takeshi's Challenge

Takeshi's Challenge

New Element “Hintabo Language Certification Test” Added

A test that measures the ability of your “Hintabo,” which is the language of the Hintabo Island people in the game. By taking this test, you can certify your Hintabo from grades 1 to 10. Your results can be shared via social media.

Takeshi's Challenge


Additional new elements are also included.

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