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Penguin Wars first details, screenshots
posted on 08.03.17 at 11:52 PM EST by (@salromano)
City Connection-developed remake due out this fall in Japan.

City Connection has released the first information and screenshots of Penguin Wars, its upcoming remake of the 1985-launched arcade game for Switch.

Get the details below.

■ An Arrange Remake Featuring Multiple New Elements

Penguin Wars

The Penguin Wars released by UPL for arcades in 1985 is being significantly enhanced for Switch. Its simple rules of fighting by throwing balls are still in place, but new features such as a character growth and new battle rules have also been added. The cute animal characters will engage in super flashy and shiny battles.

■ Multiplayer and Network Battles Supported

Penguin Wars

Through local multiplayer, up to four players can play together by sharing Joy-Cons. Also, in network battles with various gameplay rules, players can use the characters they have developed through the game’s story mode.

■ Overhead Mode

Penguin Wars

In two-player local battles played in tabletop mode, users can play facing each other by positioning the Switch vertically in between them.

■ Familiar Music

Penguin Wars

The song “Motto Sekkin Shimasho,” which was used in the original game, has been significantly arranged for the modern era and is used as the background music of battles. Furthermore, there will be professional tracks from artists active in the game music club scene both inside and outside of Japan.

Participating Artists

  • Takashi Okamoto
  • Yamajet
  • Yu_Asahina
  • Kent Alexander
  • Gratec Mour
  • Aurtas
  • Ayatsugu_Otowa

■ Basic Rules

Penguin Wars

In Penguin Wars, you battle through a sport called “Shiny Ball.” In order to win, players throw 10 balls back and forth between each other to lower their opponent’s health to zero. Otherwise, the opponent with the most HP when the timer is up will win the match. By getting all of the balls on the opponent’s side of the field, you can deal significant damage. There are also various rules you can set, including two-versus-two pair battles, battles where there are obstacles on the field, battles where bombs are thrown instead of balls, and more.

Penguin Wars

Each playable character has two types of special techniques. There are attack-type techniques, which are used when a ball is in possession, as well as defense-type techniques, which are used when a ball is not in possession.

■ Story Mode

Penguin Wars

Story mode is the main mode of Penguin Wars, through which players will take on opponents from all over while aiming for the Shiny Ball holy grounds, Shinyshiny Land. Battles commence after selecting from your received challenges. It is also possible to take on team battles and battles with special rules in this mode.

Penguin Wars

As your level of fame rises, bosses will appear. By defeating them, they will become your reliable ally.

Penguin Wars

By eating the candies you obtain as battle rewards, you can develop your character’s traits such as health and speed.

Penguin Wars will launch for Switch in Japan this fall via the Nintendo eShop for 1,800 yen.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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