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Dynasty Warriors 9 details Zhang He, Zhou Yu, Ma Dai, and Sima Shi
posted on 08.25.17 at 12:29 AM EST by (@salromano)
A look at four more returning officers.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo has updated the official website for Dynasty Warriors 9 with information and character models of returning officers Zhang He, Zhou Yu, Ma Dai, and Sima Shi.

Get the details below.

■ Characters

◆ Wei

Zhang He (voiced by Yoshiyuki Kono)

Dynasty Warriors 9

As one of the Five Generals of Wei, he was a well-rounded character with skills in the military arts, literature, and music. In addition to his well-mannered behavior, these skills gave him a fascinating charm not commonly seen among his peers.

◆ Wu

Zhou Yu (voiced by Takahiro Yoshimizu)

Dynasty Warriors 9

Brother-in-law to Sun Ce. It is often said that he hid a fierce passion underneath his dignified exterior. Skilled in the military arts, he led his troops to victory in countless battles. His was also talented in literature and music, and his elegant mannerism earned him the nickname “The Handsome Zhou Yu”.

◆ Shu

Ma Dai (voiced by Osamu Ryutani)

Dynasty Warriors 9

Along with his cousin, Ma Chao, he went on to serve Shu after losing his home to Cao Cao’s conquest. However, despite his experiences, he always had a cheerful demeanor and was quick to earn Zhuge Liang’s trust who gave him vital responsibilities in the battles with Wei.

◆ Jin

Sima Shi (voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu)

Dynasty Warriors 9

As the eldest son of Sima Yi, his refined appearance and extraordinary talents earned him very high expectations from those around him. However, his self-righteous personality caused many to view him with a mixture of fear and respect.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan, and for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in North America and Europe. A release window has yet to be announced for any region.

View the character models at the gallery.

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