DJMAX Respect DLC ‘Trilogy’ launches September 28 in Asia
posted on 08.28.17 at 05:24 AM EST by (@salromano)
Adds 20 DJMAX Trilogy songs and one new song.

DJMAX Respect

The first downloadable content for DJMAX Respect, dubbed “Trilogy,” will launch on September 28 in Southeast Asia, publisher Neowiz Games announced. It will cost 14,800 WON (approx. $13 USD) and add 20 songs.

Here is an overview of everything that is included:


  • 20 DJMAX Trilogy songs
    • “Memory of the Wind”
    • “Catch You”
    • “Mind Control”
    • “My Jealousy”
    • “NB Girls”
    • “Someday”
    • “STOP”
    • “Streetlight”
    • “Talk! Talk!”
    • “The One”
    • “Ventilator”
    • “ZET”
    • “For Seasons ~Air Guitar Mix~”
    • “A Lie ~Deep Inside Mix~”
    • “Bye Bye Love ~Nu Jazz Mix~”
    • “Get Out ~Hip Noodle Mix~”
    • “sO mUCH iN LUV ~Melodic Twisted Mix~”
    • “Syriana ~Blast Wave Mix~”
    • “Yo Creo Que Si ~Live House Version~”
    • “Your Own Miracle ~Disco House Mix~”
  • One new DJMAX Respect-original song
    • “Ready, Start Your FEVER!”


  • DJMAX Trilogy Gear Skin
  • DJMAX Trilogy UI Skin

The next downloadable content, dubbed “Metro Project,” will launch this winter.

Watch a trailer for the “Trilogy” downloadable content below.

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