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Tokyo Clanpool details battle system
posted on 07.06.17 at 11:21 PM EST by (@salromano)
Continue using skills for as long as you have Ether Points.

Compile Heart has updated the official Japanese website for Tokyo Clanpool with information and screenshots of the dungeon RPG’s battle system.

Get the details below.

■ Ether Point-Style Command Battles

The battles of Tokyo Clanpool are turn-style command battles where “Ether Points (EP)” play a significant role.

Tokyo Clanpool

Since EP is consumed by using skills, you can freely use skills as you like within a single turn as long as you have EP. Your EP also increases by a fixed amount at the start of each turn. That being said, you can make use of strategies including using all of your EP in one turn, or building up your EP for the next turn and using it to unleash a more powerful skill. There are various strategies to consider.

Tokyo Clanpool

For example, if you have 100 EP:

  • Situation #1: Consecutive Attack (50 EP) + Body Drop (50 EP) = 100 EP used (0 EP leftover for the next turn)
  • Situation #2: Fire (30 EP) + Fire (30 EP) + Thunder (25 EP) = 85 EP used (15 EP leftover for the next turn)
  • Situation #3: Abyss (80 EP) = 80 EP used (20 EP leftover for the next turn)

By not using the EP, you can use a 200 EP-costing power skill on the following turn, or numerous support and recover skills in response to a big attack from a boss monster.

Tokyo Clanpool

■ Chibi Character Combos

When the turn starts and two or more heroine attack in a row, a “Chibi Character Combo” will occur. During a Chibi Character Combo, damage will significantly increase as a combo bonus.

Tokyo Clanpool

■ Synchronization Holy Manifestation

By synchronizing with the Gadgeteer you have installed, you’ll be able to use special moves that unlock the hidden abilities of that Gadgeeter. This is called “Synchronization Holy Manifestation.”

Tokyo Clanpool

By synchronizing, you’ll enter “Holy Manifestation Mode,” which not only allows you to use the enhanced skills that the Gadgeteer has at its disposal, it also significantly increases each of the heroine’s stats. Every heroine has a synchronization success rate with each Gadgeteer, and that success rate is increased by using skills of the same attribute as the Gadgeteer or by exploiting the enemy’s weakness.

Tokyo Clanpool

You can perform a Synchronization Holy Manifestation even when the success rate is low, but if you fail, that Gadgeteer will not be able to use any actions. Not only will you not be able to use that Gadgeteer’s skills, the stat bonus will also disappear.

Tokyo Clanpool

The greatest feature of Synchronization Holy Manifestation is the ability to perform it with several Gadgeteers at once. The higher the amount of Gadgeteers, the more powerful the heroine becomes. However, trying to synchronize with a higher amount of Gadgeteers will also decrease the success rate, so you should think carefully about when to use it.

Tokyo Clanpool is due out for PS Vita in Japan on October 5.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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