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Little Nightmares DLC ‘The Depths’ now available
posted on 07.07.17 at 07:59 AM EST by (@salromano)
Explore a decayed and flooded basement, and escape an insidious threat.

Little Nightmares DLC 'The Depths'

The first downloadable content for Little Nightmares part of its “Secrets of the Maw” expansion pass, “The Depths,” is now avaialble for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

“Secrets of the Maw” tells the escape story of the “Runaway Kid,” which runs parallel to the story of the main game. In the first chapter, “The Depths,” the Runaway Kid will explore a decayed and flooded basement where he must try to escape from an insidious threat that lurks underwater.

The second chapter, “The Hideaway,” will launch in November, followed by the third, still to be titled chapter in January.

Here’s an overview of each chapter, via Bandai Namco:

Chapter 1: “The Depths” – July 7

Others lead the escape, but the Kid drops down into the Depths of the Maw. Little does he know that this murky place is home to The Granny—abandoned to decay and rage, she will let no one go. He must struggle on if he wants to survive, leap from floating debris to avoid being pulled into the treacherous waters, and find a way to create a path through the depths.

Chapter 2: “The Hideaway” – November

The Kid has escaped the frying pan and is now in the fires of the engine room, where one wrong step can lead to his doom. Only by understanding the Nomes does he have a chance of making heads or tails of all the machinery barring his way out of the Maw. But why are there so many Nomes hiding here?

Chapter 3: ??? – January

The final chapter will decide the fate of the Runaway Kid.

Watch the launch trailer for “The Depths” below.

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